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The Trinity Universe is a three-series(soon to be four) epic adventure about the lives of Daniel Jackson, Jack O’Neill, and Jason Coburn(leader of SG-2). Begins with Visits, transitions into Trinity, moves to Trilogy, and ends with Pyramid.  At present, Pyramid has yet to start.  Working on fleshing it out.

In the premiere series, Visits, the story takes place not long after season 5’s Last Stand.  Canon diverges at this point.  It’s about the ensuing romantic relationship between Daniel and his friend, Major Jason Coburn, leader of SG-2.  Daniel accepts the advances by Jason because he’s lonely.  He’s estranged from his friendship with Colonel Jack O’Neill, due to Jack’s complicated feelings for Daniel (unknown to Daniel).

Jack sees Daniel laughing–a rare event–while he’s having dinner with Jason at a Chinese restaurant.  It sparks his suppressed feelings, creating a type of jealousy.  He eventually catches Daniel and Jason in a kiss and this sparks even more jealousy-flavored awareness about his his own feelings.  His acceptance of those feelings inevitably has him join with Daniel and Jason in Visits 7.  Daniel doesn’t just want relationships with both men.  He wants a polyamorous one, and this new situation begins with Trinity 1.  It is difficult for Jack and Jason at the beginning.  Both love Daniel, so they try to make it work between each other as well.  To their mutual surprise, it does (of course it does).  Thus begins (after about Trinity 3) the complex love affair and various adventures of the Trio, their teammates, and the various aliens who step in for some spice.

  1. This ambiguous project began in 2002 with VISITS.  Over time, as I grew (supposedly) as a writer, I went through VISITS in 2008 for a re-edit.  In rewriting the first series, the continuity didn’t extend into TRINITY, so I edited I and II, then later rewrote III-IV and V in 2018.  Unfortunately, the writing style doesn’t match the other chapters, thanks to time passage and that previously-mentioned learning.  I thought to rewrite the remaining chapters, but my desire fell into apathy and laziness and I decided to scrap the plan to rewrite the entire series to match continuity.  I sincerely apologize for the confusion.

  2. CHAPTER RENUMBERING.  That is done here, but not at Archive of Our Own (AO3) due to selected chapters having bookmarks.  Renumbering would strand them.

  3. In my head, the original characters look like specific people, with slight alterations.  Jason is taken from the minor character, “Major Coburn,” played by Steve Bacic, seen first in Maternal Instinct and again in The First Ones.  Compared to the actor, Jason is an inch taller and has a slightly narrower jawline.

  4. Some titles have changed (TRINITY 3, 4, 5,6, and 7).

  5. Old 5-part TRINITY Chapter XXX has been deleted (its old copy is still on AO3).  TRINITY now ends with TRINITY 30-32, “Veil.”  The old chapter was nothing but sex and kink (and Jason had sex with Alex) and there was no redeeming value in it.  To me, it read like a teen wrote it.

  6. Chapters have been renumbered for TRINITY.

  7. TRILOGY has ended with chapter 14.

  8. **** NEW **** (August 18, 2020)  INTRODUCING “PYRAMID,” the 4th and last series of The Trinity Universe.  I’ve created it because it branches out into new territory by changing Jack O’Neill from a plain old human into an advanced human thanks to the magical interference of his deity ancestor, Queen Morrighan of the Tuatha de Danann (who have been called the Furling by the Asgard, misunderstanding Lia Fail as Fail Lia, then Furling).  PYRAMID will also be different than the the previous chapters in that they’ll be Flash Fiction to Short Stories, averaging 1500 – 3K words.  It will enable me to put them out much faster.

  9. Have health issues interfering with concentration so my ability to get Pyramid off and running has hit major road block.  If anything, I need to get the first story done so I can at least wrap up the Trilogy cliffhanger.



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