About the Trinity Universe

  1. Trinity (et al) began in 2002.  Over time, as I grew (supposedly) as a writer, I went through Visits in 2008 for a re-edit.  In rewriting the first series, the continuity didn’t extend into Trinity, so I edited I and II, then later rewrote III-IV and V in 2018.  Unfortunately, the writing style doesn’t match the other chapters, thanks to time passage and that previously-mentioned learning.  So I’ve decided to scrap the plan to rewrite the entire series to match continuity.  I apologize for the confusion.  It’s hardly professional to leave gaping holes, but this isn’t pro writing since I’m not being paid and have no outside editor.
  2. CHAPTER RENUMBERING.  That is done here, but not at Archive of Our Own (AO3) due to selected chapters having bookmarks.  Renumbering would strand them.
  3. In my head, the original characters look like specific people, with slight alterations.  Jason is Major Coburn played by Steve Bacic.  But Jason is an inch taller and has a slightly narrower jawline.
  4. This website no longer has visual aids (sliders or headers) in order to make the pages load faster.
  5. Some titles have changed (Trinity 3, 4, 5,6, and 7).
  6. Old 5-part Chapter XXX has been deleted (its old copy is still on AO3).  Trinity ends with Trinity 30-32, “Veil.”  The old chapter was nothing but sex and kink (and Jason had sex with Alex) and there was no redeeming value in it.  To me, it read like a teen wrote it.
  7. Trilogy has been renumbered and will likely end with chapter 20.