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This is Adriann, my original character from the Trinity Universe fanfic saga, introduced in Trinity XV. His likeness is taken from the Babylon 5 character, Byron, played by Robin Atkins Downes, and manipulated via Photoshop’s liquid smudge to change the lips, cheeks, brows, nose, to better accommodate my view.

Adriann is a vampire, an alien species known as Var’chol’si (vair-coal-see).

He is 6’6″, has pale Caucasian skin, ultra white, large-ish teeth, large eyes, and honey-blond hair. His sister, Talenn(who looks like Selene from Underworld film vampire series), is 6’1″, has blue-black hair. His cousins have dark, magenta-red highlights in their dark hair. Adriann is the only one to have blond hair.

They have ultra-sharp canine teeth that lengthen during feeding. Their “powers” are telepathy, super strength, and some have the ability to hover-fly(they can save themselves from falling off a cliff or similar). They also have the ability to manipulate the minds of others.

They feed on blood taken at the time of an orgasm, making it “sweet.” Consumed blood literally secretes a sweet enzyme (I made this up) that is required by all Var’chol’si vampires.

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