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Trilogy 7


Trilogy 7: Tricks & Treats

Part 1 of 2

Summary:  Jalen’s visit to Earth brings surprises, and fun is to
be had before, during and after the Annual Halloween Masque.

“Man is least himself when he’s in his own person.
Give him a mask and he’ll tell you the truth.”
~ Oscar Wilde

Finishing his morning shave, Jack listened as Jason sang to the radio, his voice carrying from the living room.  He couldn’t help the pride he felt, and there was something ego-fulfilling in having a lover who sang like that.  It was also romantic as hell to have that close to your ear–although Jack was assuming.  All Jason had ever done was hum in his ear.  Still, it was sexy, and it grabbed Jack’s balls in a way that dirty talk never did–though storytelling was a different thing altogether.

“You know, that’s the song he sang to me after our first night together,” Daniel said as he walked in behind Jack, reaching for his hand towel.

Jack looked in the mirror as he wiped his face, catching Daniel’s reflection.  He was looking in the direction of the shower, remembering, and his expression was loving, sentimental.  And for a moment, Jack couldn’t help the jealousy and accompanying guilt that popped up.  Shoving down the irrational feelings, he gave Daniel a small grin when he looked up and caught Jack watching him.

“I’m glad he was there for you,” Jack said quietly.

When I wasn’t, was the unspoken finish.

Daniel could feel it and his eyes narrowed as he cuffed Jack on the shoulder none too gently.  “Don’t go there.”

Jack met Daniel’s gaze squarely.  “It’s a regret I’ll never get rid of.”

“It’s past and won’t ever happen again,” Jason said from the doorway, the stern expression on his face aimed solely at Jack.  “Best to move on, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, usually–” Jack started to say, but Jason came over to him, pressing up against him, and Jack couldn’t help but smile when Jason palmed his cheek, thumb caressing the skin.  But then Jason started to sing, and Jack’s smile faded to surprise as his mouth dropped open, realizing that Jason wasn’t just singing.  He was singing to him.

“Lovers forever, face to face, my city or mountain, stay with me, stay…”

Jason wasn’t singing loudly, but softly, sensually, and a shiver ran down Jack’s spine, over his ass and straight into his balls.  It was the sexiest thing he’d ever heard.  Murmuring the words now, Jason brushed his lips over his own, pressing against the slick, sticky feel of the shaving cream residue.  Jack felt his heart race, the kinky nature of it winding him up faster than anything had done in a while.  He opened his mouth just a bit more, intending to kiss Jason, but Jason acted first, claiming his lips in a passionate embrace.  Jack had no trouble responding.

Watching them, Daniel reached out to lovingly thread his fingers through their hair, enjoying what he saw.  He still couldn’t get over how much of a turn-on it was to watch them.  He remembered how long it had taken them to feel something for each other.  Correction.  How long it had taken Jack.  Jason, not so much.  For Jack, it had been the idea of a poly relationship that he had to get used the fact that there was no hierarchy—no one would be left out.

Daniel had tried very hard to make that happen.  Surprisingly, when the time came it had been Jack who had fully accepted their relationship, not Jason.  Jason’s insecurity had kept him doubting the equality of it, as if “you loved him first” should have been the order of things.  As Daniel watched them, he remembered wistfully how long it had taken Jason to accept the fact that he had never been a fill-in.  It had taken him a while to understand, but he finally had.  Daniel could never choose, would never want to.  He loved them both fiercely.  Unfortunately, Jason didn’t know that it was now Daniel’s turn to doubt their relationship.

Daniel hadn’t seen it coming, thinking it had just been his imagination, but he’d slowly come to realize just how much Jason’s interest in Alex had bothered him.  It wasn’t so much the fact of Alex but the knowledge that Jason hadn’t been satisfied.  It wasn’t jealousy either, Daniel knew that much.  Instead, there was the feeling of being incomplete, to be unable to make his lover happy.

Inevitably, Daniel found himself wondering if the same thing would happen to Jack.  And would he have the right to be hurt?  There was Adriann, after all, and that mysterious, unfettered attraction Daniel had to him.  But Daniel felt that Adriann was different.  At least, that was the argument he had with his guilt, knowing that if he had to choose, he’d never see Adriann again.  Although he knew damn well that Adriann would feel otherwise, whether his relationship with Eros lasted or not.

So that still left Daniel wondering.  What would he do if some ‘blast from the past’ came walking back into Jack’s life.  Or Jason’s?  What if their love for that someone exceeded their love for him?  A shudder of fear passed through Daniel and he felt the need for flight.  He started to move past but Jason broke away from Jack and grabbed him, pulling him over.

“Where’re you going?” he asked.

“To get dressed,” Daniel covered as he tapped his watch.

Jason frowned, knowing somehow it was a half-truth.  He had sensed fear from Daniel and it had broken his kiss with Jack.  Where had it come from?  At the moment, Jason was in no mood to guess or assume.  But the sudden urge to make Daniel feel better was filling him quickly so he slipped an arm around Daniel’s waist and pulled him against him.  Burying his face against Daniel’s neck, kissing it lightly, he murmured, “Let’s call in sick, stay in bed all day.”

Daniel groaned back, one hand fishing for Jack as he reached over Jason’s shoulder.  Looking, he caught Jack’s eyes, dark and wistful, knowing he was thinking the same thing, wishing they could indulge Jason’s desire to play hooky.  Just fuck the responsibility for a day.  But they couldn’t and they both knew it.

So did Jason, and hearing them sigh with regret, he made a growling sound and pulled away, turning to the sink to wash off his face.  “Yeah, I know.  Nice idea but.”

Jack didn’t like the tone and immediately felt the need to give Jason some sort of reassurance that his offer was tempting.  Rubbing and squeezing Jason’s shoulder, he asked, “Don’t you have a certain someone to pick up in the gateroom today?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Jason said as he dried his face, leaning a bit toward Jack’s hand, sending silent appreciation.  “And, unfortunately, we really do need to get going.” He stepped over and quickly kissed Daniel, then Jack, before turning on his heel to head down the hall.  “I’ll see you there.”

Winking mischievously at Daniel, Jack called out, “Say hello to the twin for me.”

Jason rolled his eyes as he picked up his satchel and coat.  “No, you’re not getting us both,” he said, opening the door and leaving quickly before he could hear Jack’s retort.

Grinning in triumph, Jack looked at Daniel for the expected mock-scold and felt even more smug when that was exactly what he got.  “What?” he asked not-so-innocently.

“He’s going to rip off your balls if you keep goading him.”

“Fantasies are normal, Daniel,” Jack replied, his grin widening.

Daniel snorted.  “Yeah, but we act on ours.”

Jack brushed the back of his hand down Daniel’s chest with a deliberate tease and wished Daniel hadn’t put his shirt on yet.  “Been a while for one of those.”

“And I’ll just bet you’re thinking up a new one,” Daniel said as he left for the bedroom, hiding a grin.  But somewhere in the back of his mind, his doubt was standing up and whispering insecurity.  He wants another man.  Daniel stuffed the thought back in its box, telling himself he was being foolish.  He really had no reason to doubt either of them.  Busy getting dressed and purposely thinking about what he’d be doing at work, he was literally startled when Jack came up behind him and hugged him.

“What’s goin’ on?”

Daniel winced, realizing he hadn’t covered his feelings quickly enough.  Patting Jack’s arms in an attempt to comfort, he stepped out of his embrace to resume dressing.  “Nothing.  I was just…”


“Thinking about the past,” he answered, telling himself a little white lie was okay.  “About how comfortable you two are together now.”

Jack didn’t buy it, but he let it go for now.  “Ah huh.  How about you focus on what’s coming up this weekend?”

“The Annual Halloween Masque,” Daniel smiled, thankful for something else to think about.  Maybe Jack had sensed something, maybe not, but he’d just given Daniel an out and Daniel would have to think up a special ‘thank you’ without letting Jack know it was a ‘thank you.’ After all, “just because” was a common enough gift-giving event in their lives.  Although ‘gift’ wasn’t exactly what Daniel would call fulfilling one of Jack’s fantasies, but hey.

“–ostume?” Jack said, then realized that Daniel hadn’t been listening.  Something was on the man’s mind, but what?  “Daniel, tell me what’s wrong.”

Daniel shook his head.  “It’s nothing, Jack.  I’m just tired.  We need another break.” He said it as an excuse but as the words left his mouth, he suddenly wondered if it might just be the reason for his sudden insecurity.

“We do,” Jack agreed, “but that’s not just it.  What’s wrong?”

“Jack,” Daniel said, holding up a hand.  “I’m fine.  Just tired, honest.  I’m dwelling on stupid stuff, and no, I’m not saying what it is.  So please, just take my word for it that it’s nothing, okay?  Please?”

Something was off, but Jack wouldn’t press.  Daniel was like him when it came to being pressured: Retreat and put up the walls, then pull the ground over you till it was safe to come back out.  “Fine, but if you’re still bothered tomorrow by whatever it is, then talk to me.” Daniel nodded, looking away, but Jack took his hand and made him look at him.  “I mean it.”

The concern and almost-anger in Jack’s eyes nearly forced the truth out of him, but Daniel held his tongue.  “I know.  And, I promise,” he amended.

That time, Jack let it go and Daniel was relieved no end.  As he finished dressing, he found he couldn’t leave the subject alone, and after further thought, he knew his insecurity wasn’t because he was tired and it wasn’t about Alex.  Jason had stopped seeing him, anyway.  So what the hell was going on?

. .

Jason walked into the briefing room and saluted the General.  “Morning, sir.”

Hammond returned the salute with his usual casualness.  “Morning, Colonel.”

“Is everything still a go, sir?” Jason asked.  Part of him was dreading this visit.  God only knew what the reaction around the SGC would be.

“It’s a go,” Hammond replied, then gave Jason a grin as he detected the nervousness.  “It’ll be fine, I’m sure.  He hasn’t changed that much in four months, has he?  Jacob’s spoken very highly of him in his reports.”

“No, sir, it’s not that.  I was afraid the order would come down to refuse letting him leave the base.”

“Ah, I see.  No, son, things are fine.  Just stick to the restrictions.  No off-base activity without chaperone.”

“No problem, sir,” Jason said, though his face gave away worry.

“But there’s something else,” Hammond stated.

“Nothing involving security, sir.  It’s personal.  I’m afraid that he’ll want to stay after getting a taste of what he used to have.”

Hammond nodded gravely.  “It’s a difficult thing, losing family and friends, one’s home, and our careers can’t adequately fill that gap.”

“No, sir,” Jason replied, not missing the reminder about his leave of absence when SG-1 had gone missing, but he sensed that Hammond was also referring to the loss of his wife.

“At least Jalen has Camulus, as well as his new connection with you.”

“Yes, sir.  At least there’s that.”

“But if there are any problems,” Hammond went on, “we’ll see what can be done.  In the meantime, try not to worry about it.  Let’s go greet our new arrival.”

“Yes, sir.”

Walking down to the gateroom, Jason and Hammond joined Sam and Teal’c, and Jason gave them a smile.  “Mornin’ Teal’c, Sam.”


“Colonel Coburn,” Teal’c nodded.

“Where’re your teammates?” she asked.

“Assisting the Training Operations section, giving their expertise on what should be employed during the next test cycle.”

Sam nodded.  “Daniel and the Colonel?”

“They should be here soon,” Jason answered.  “We had breakfast at Daniel’s and they weren’t but ten minutes or so behind me.”

Sam nodded, knowing that Jason was leaving a few things out so in an effort to keep Teal’c from asking anything that would require more sins of omission, she switched to the present subject.  “Nervous?”

Jason pursed his lips.  “A little.  While I’ve talked to Jalen via radio messages during the last four months, it’s not really the same.”

“True.  I’ve been doing that with Dad.”

“Have the Tok’ra heard anything else about the interception of messages?”

“No,” Sam replied, “but since they found out that video transmissions were being intercepted, they’ve decided to keep communication down to text and audio for the next several months.”

“Did Jacob find out if this spy technology was aimed at us as well?” Hammond asked.

“Yes, sir, and he thinks the technology was designed only to intercept Tok’ra signals, not Tau’ri.  He’s not a hundred percent certain though so maybe he’s got some additional news.”

“Let’s hope so, Major,” Hammond replied.

As the wormhole engaged, Teal’c asked Jason, “How have you and your new sibling fared?”

“You’ve seen the reports, Teal’c,” Jason shrugged.  “You know as much as I do.”

“That is so, but I was referring to your acceptance of him.”

Surprised, Jason swallowed nervously.  Sometimes Teal’c seemed so distant, then he’d completely blindside you with a personal remark that was deadly accurate.  The man, in fact, missed nothing.  “I think we’re okay, Teal’c.  It’s completely his doing.  I really didn’t need to soul-search much.”

“You mean he won you over,” Sam translated with a smile.

Jason allowed a small, cautious grin.  “You could say that.  I care, Sam, more than I thought I would.  Right now, I’m just worried for him.”

“Do you not mean for them both?” Teal’c asked, referring to Camulus as well.

Jason shook his head.  “No. Camulus has handled their recovery from the undercover personality a lot more easily than Jalen, but he’s used to this sort of thing and Jalen isn’t.  Either way, they’ll both have scars that will never heal.”

A shadow flitted across Teal’c’s eyes.  “I understand.” He seemed to think about it some more, then asked, “Do you worry that perhaps Jalen might return to what the Tau’ri consider, ‘the dark side’?”

Jason gripped the man’s shoulder and squeezed.  “No more than I would worry for you, my friend.”

Teal’c smiled and gave him a nod just as Jack and Daniel entered the gateroom from the opposite door.

“Sorry we’re late, General,” Jack said with a greeting nod to Teal’c and Sam and a slap on the shoulder for Jason.

“You’re just in time,” Hammond told him with a bit of a scolding look.  “What kept you?”

“Nothing that another entrance into the mountain wouldn’t solve,” Daniel said, referring to the back-up in traffic that happened during the early morning.  Like all traffic, it moved in pockets of congestion, and for them, they’d hit one entering the tunnel.

Hammond grinned with understanding and was about to say something when Walter touched the intercom.  “They’re ready, General.”

“Open the iris, Sergeant,” Hammond commanded.

“Jacob’s coming, isn’t he?” Jack asked Sam.

She beamed back.  “Yep, and he’ll be here for a whole week.”

Grinning mischievously, he asked, “Will he go as Klaatu again?”

Hammond shook his head.  “We’re opting out of this one, Colonel, for a much more relaxing venue.”

Jack’s brows rose.  “Fishing?”

“Sorry, Jack, but this one’s for old Generals,” Hammond answered kindly.

“Who said you were old, General?” Jack asked, pretending outrage.  “And I wasn’t going to ask, you know.  Just for the record, sir.”

Hammond grinned at him.  “Of course you weren’t.”

“Seriously,” Jack went on.  “I’ve got this thing,” and he gestured at Jason and Daniel and shook his head, giving Hammond a confidential look.  “You know, they expect me there and I can’t disappoint.”

Hammond grinned even more.  “Understood.”

At least, Hammond thought he did, believing that Jack didn’t want to go to the Masque.  He was partly right, but not for the reasons he’d come to know.  Jack normally hated the damn things, but this time, he looked forward to it.  It would afford him the chance to take advantage of their costumes.  Going by what Daniel had said about Jason’s costume, it would set up the perfect chance for role play.  And role playing in public was a rare, delicious opportunity.

“What’s funny?” Jason asked, catching Jack grinning to himself.

“Nothing, just thinking of tomorrow.”

Overhearing, Sam said, “Almost wish I was going, just to see what you guys look like.”

“I’m more interested in what Doc Fraiser’s going to be wearing,” Jack answered, and was rewarded with a mischievous smile from Sam.  “You know, don’t you?”

“I’m not saying a word, sir.”

At that moment, Hammond frowned, but because no one was coming through the wormhole.  He looked up over his shoulder and asked, “Where are they?”

Walter shrugged.  “I don’t know, sir.”

Suddenly the event horizon was disturbed and Jacob and Jalen stepped through.  Jason didn’t even notice Jacob at first as his mouth fell open, as did Daniel’s and Jack’s.  Jalen’s appearance had changed somewhat.  While he still had the mustache and goatee, his hair was a lot longer.  It no longer touched the top of his shoulders but cascaded over them several inches and flew around him as he walked, making him look unkempt and roguish.  And particularly handsome in that pirate sort of way.

Daniel looked up into the control room and sure enough, the women there were standing near the glass, staring.  With a smirk, he nudged Sam, who looked quickly up into the control room.  Seeing the women, she snorted, then covered her mouth with her hand as her Dad came down the ramp and shook hands with Hammond.

Jacob gave Sam a mock-scold.  “What was funny?” he asked.

Sam nodded to Jalen, then up into the control room, and Jacob suddenly smirked at Jalen and said, “Okay, you win.”

“What was that?” Hammond asked.

“Camulus bet Selmak that he’d get more attention because of the length of his hair.  I said he would because he’s Colonel Coburn’s twin.” He glanced up into the Control Room, then looked at Jason.  “I’m betting they don’t do that for you?”

“No, sir,” Jason laughed, extending his hand in greeting, which Jacob took.

“Well, Sam,” Jacob went on, greeting her, “How ya been?”

“Fine, Dad, just fine.”

Jacob then stepped aside and waited as Jalen stepped forward and stared at his brother.  “Long time, no see,” he said.

“Likewise,” Jason answered, staring back, then abruptly moved over and hugged him, which Jalen gladly returned.  After a thump on the back, he pulled back and turned to Jack and Daniel, clasping their hands.

“How’s things?”

“The same as usual,” Jack replied.

Jalen turned to Teal’c to clasp his forearm and afterward, Teal’c stepped away and gestured to Hammond.

“Jalen,” Jason said, stepping up.  “This is General Hammond, Commander of the SGC.  General, this is Jalen, my twin from the alternate universe.”

Jalen held out his hand.  “Nice to meet you at last, sir.”

Hammond shook hands with him, staring at his features, so like his leader of SG-2.  “Same to you, sir.”

Jacob clapped a hand on Jalen’s shoulder.  “I believe you have a visit to the infirmary scheduled.  George?”

Hammond nodded.  “Colonel Coburn will escort you,” he said to Jalen.

Departing the gateroom, everyone but Jacob and Hammond followed Jason and his brother to the elevator.  As they walked, Jalen kept looking around, ignoring the looks he received from passing personnel.

Jack made a growling noise of disgust.  “I’m suddenly liking the idea of climbing up several levels through the emergency exits.”

“It’s gonna happen, Jack,” Jason said in an undertone, “no matter what.”

The elevator opened and the group entered, but Sam pressed 19 and Teal’c, 23.

“Got somewhere to be?” Jack asked.

“As a matter of fact, I do, sir,” Sam answered.  “Soon as Dad’s done with the General, we’re going to go over some Tok’ra tech.”

“Oh that sounds fun.”

“Not fun, exactly, sir, just necessary.  Fun will be this afternoon, when we’re let loose for the week.  Dad and I are gonna pick up Mark and the kids and go camping in Aspen with General Hammond.  The General has a cabin there he’s invited us to stay at.”

Daniel smiled.  “That does sound fun.”

“Camping, fishing…” Jack mused fondly.  “Wish I could do that,” and he gave Daniel and Jason the evil eye.

Jason rolled his eyes and looked at Jalen, who was leaning against the wall of the car, arms folded over his chest.  “Wanna go camping?”

Jalen wrinkled his nose.  “No, thanks.  I’d like to be spoiled for a while, live in a place with doors, running water, a fridge, beer when I want, sex when I… want.” His voice faded when Teal’c’s brow rose as he looked at him.  “What?  I can’t do that with the Tok’ra,” he groused.  Next thing he did was to look down at the brown leathers he was wearing and he held out his arms.  “And this bloody crap has got to go.” There were smiles suddenly everywhere he looked.  “What?  Don’t get me wrong, I like leather, but I prefer leathers, as in biker’s leathers, with real boots and suede chaps and cotton shirts and black leather jackets.”

Jack smiled wide.  “And a Harley to go with it, no doubt?”

Jalen smirked at him sarcastically.  “Yeah, that’ll do nicely.  Got one you can loan me?”

Jason suddenly snickered, hand over his mouth.

“What?” Jalen asked as the doors opened and Teal’c stepped forward.

“Joining Jason’s teammates, are we?” Jack asked.

“I am,” Teal’c replied, then nodded to Jalen with a smile on his face before disappearing beyond the closing doors.

Jalen turned to Jason.  “Out with it.”

“The Colonel owns a Harley, Jalen,” Sam said, shaking her head at Jason.  “Daniel and Jason gave it to him for his birthday.”

Jalen’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Jason, Jack, and Daniel.  “Okay, so why was it necessary to keep me hanging like that?”

“It was more fun to watch you go off on a rant,” Jack grinned just as the doors opened for the Infirmary floor.  They stepped out and he gave a nod to Sam before the doors closed again.

Walking down the corridor, Daniel listened as Jalen, Jason, and Jack began to argue with quiet, good-natured teasing.  Mostly, Daniel watched Jason, and the way he acted with Jalen.  Jason looked happy, and it made Daniel smile.  He loved that he’d relaxed over time about the man, and he loved it even more that Jalen’s emotional well-being hadn’t been damaged irreparably.  Daniel wondered if Camulus had had anything to do with that, and thoughts of the Tok’ra suddenly turned the happy thoughts about Jalen to sad thoughts for Camulus.

The Tok’ra hadn’t said word one since they’d come through the wormhole.  While it had only been twenty minutes here on Earth, Daniel wondered if it was because of Jason, and the fact that the Tok’ra symbiotes were so much like their own… evil twins.  The Goa’uld.  He wondered if that’s what had made Lantash keep quiet most of the time, because of Martouf’s feelings for Sam.  And vice-versa.

Stepping just outside the main infirmary, the four men paused, waiting for Janet to come out of her office.  Daniel could imagine her reaction to Jalen and she proved him right when she stepped out of her office and froze.  Her eyes widened and the first thing Daniel thought of was that clichéd phrase about deer and headlights.

“Janet, this is my brother, Jalen.”

Janet did a double take, not missing the significance of the declared ownership, the admittance of family.  She knew Jason well enough that it would have taken a lot for him to admit that.  And having said it, he meant it.  She smiled and held out her hand.  “Nice to meet you.  And you’re host to Camulus?”

“I am,” Jalen smiled.

“Come this way,” she said, leading them into the ward and gesturing at a bed.  “Have a seat on the bed, change into the gown there.”

“Not this,” he groaned.

“Just strip down to your pants and remove all metals,” Janet grinned, then pointed at Jack.  “Colonel, you and Daniel can either pull up chairs or go find something to do.” Looking at Jason, she said, “I assume you’ll want to stay with him?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“That’ll be fine, but remember, this is going to take a while.” She turned and walked out of the ward.  “Back in a moment.”

Jack pursed his lips.  “She’s right,” he said, looking at Daniel.  “You wanna go bother some trainees?”

Daniel jogged his brows.  “I think Teal’c’s taking care of that, along with Alex, Al, and Connor.”

“It’s that or I bother you in your office or you help me in mine.”

Daniel looked at his watch.  It was too early for lunch and he didn’t want Jack in his office and he definitely didn’t want to be in Jack’s.  There was paperwork, which was worse.  “I think I’ll get my exercise program in.  Care to join me in the gym instead?”

“Deal,” Jack smiled.  He waved at Jason, then Jalen.  “Have fun.”

Daniel walked over and leaned in to whisper in Jalen’s ear.  “Don’t flirt with her too much.  The nurses are horrible gossips.”

“What about the corpsmen?” Jalen said in an undertone, winking.

Daniel gestured at the bathroom and whispered back, “Use that.”

Jason smacked him in the arm while his brother started to snigger and Daniel smacked him back.  “Have fun,” he said, biting his lip and following Jack out the door.

Jason picked up the medical gown, a white piece of cotton with tiny blue flowers and a bit of blue edging, including the minimal ties.  He held it open.  “Okay, Casanova, time to strip.”

“Only to my trousers,” Jalen replied as he began to untie the combination jacket and shirt he wore.  “Do me a favor and pull the curtain,” he asked as he caught a few rubber-necked nurses looking in from the corridor.

Grinning, Jason turned round and pulled the curtain halfway round the bed, obscuring the main doors.  Behind them, the other doors were closed, and appeared to be free of look-ee-loos.  As Jalen changed, he noted the slightly leaner muscle tone, and yet there in front of him was the reminder of how very similar they actually were.  It was a bit unnerving sometimes.  Still, Jason had someone with whom he could relate, separate from the way he could with Jack and Daniel, or even his sister Lysa.  With Jalen, he found himself needing to share, to show Jalen something new about himself, but whether it was to remark upon a difference, or to seek approval, he didn’t know.

Clearing his throat, he said, “I got a tattoo.”

“Yeah?” Jalen asked, gathering his hair and pulling it out from under the neck of the gown.  “What kind?”

“Not an Earth tat, Jalen.”

Jalen paused, wondering what on Earth would have possessed Jason to get a tattoo from an alien culture.  “Do that sort of thing all the time?”

“No, this was a special occasion.”


“On Diné,” Jason said carefully, looking down at his chest, touching his shirt.  “With Grandfather’s people.  He’s… passed on.”

Jalen stared hard at him, a hundred questions running through his mind.  “I’m sorry.”

“Me, too,” Jason said, looking up.  “He was a remarkable man.”

“Yes, he was.  Was it the spirit bond?  Can you show me?”

Surprised, Jason sat down on the stool by the bed.  “I thought you ignored the traditions.”

“I did.  Doesn’t mean I was ignorant of them or didn’t understand.  I just chose not to follow them.”

Jason shrugged acceptance.  “Okay.”

“That bother you?”

“No, not really.  Just curious is all.”

“No big deal, Jason.  I just never felt in touch with my native roots, that’s all.”

Jason frowned a little, not getting it, but he accepted it anyway.  He quickly removed his fatigue shirt and laid it on the bed, then pulled off his T-shirt.

Man, that’s nice,” Jalen said, whistling between his teeth.  He reached over to touch the tat, curious of the ink and method.  “That’s wicked looking, Jace.”

The nickname sent a warm feeling through Jason that he couldn’t explain.  But it said something indefinable, something about brothers.  About twins.  Jason suddenly felt the need to have a nickname for Jalen, and just as suddenly thought himself foolish for being distracted by such a thing.

“What?” Jalen asked.

Jason shook his head.  “Nothing.”

“Tell me,” Jalen said, nudging at his stool with the toe of his soft leather boot.

Clearing his throat again, Jason said, “You called me Jace.”

Jalen arched a brow in a manner eerily like Jason.  “It’s your name.”

“Yeah, but it made me wonder what yours is.”

Jalen smiled.  “I had one, and I hated it.  Made people think my name was something else.”

“Then why’d you let him use it?”

“Because it was from my brother,” Jalen answered, giving Jason a measuring look.  “Haven’t you, you know, felt it?”

“Felt… what?” Jason asked, suddenly confused.

“The twin connection?”

Jason opened his mouth to answer, You’re not *my* twin, but stopped and frowned instead.  Technically, Jalen was his twin.  Maybe from another universe, but the DNA said he was his twin.  And the feeling he had when he’d called him Jace maybe spoke more about the connection than anything else could have.  The information was… a bit startling.  It also made him feel strangely uncomfortable but he wasn’t about to tell Jalen to stop it.

“Jason?” Jalen asked, looking concerned.

“Sorry,” Jason answered.  “Was thinking it over.  I guess I feel it, but it’s new.  Weird.”

“It’s weird for me, too, Jason, but I’m used to having a twin, you’re not.  I think that’s the problem here.”

Jason sighed with annoyance.  “It’s not a problem, Jalen.” He paused, then quickly moved on when he sensed that Jalen was going to go all Psych 101 on his ass.  “So?  Tell me.  I can’t guess.  How do you shorten Jalen?  Jale?”

Jalen shook his head, smirking.  “Try the ending syllable.”

Jason squeezed his eyes shut, grimacing.  “Jay?”

Jalen shook his head.  “No.”


“Yep.  Around strangers, people would think my name was Leonard.”

“Not on you, that’s just wrong.”

“I agree.  But there’s one reason he wouldn’t stop calling me that.”


“Said I reminded him of Grandfather, though I never understood why.  Lin, Len?”

Jason nodded, considering it.  Then he smirked.  “Maybe because of your hair?”

Jalen ran a hand through the silky, black strands, getting his fingers tangled a bit as he combed through it.  “Yeah, that’s what he said.  I used to wear it longer than this before the war started.” He stopped messing with his hair, which now looked even more tousled than before.

Jason narrowed his eyes.  “Okay, that just looks attractively tousled.  How do you do that?  It’s disgusting.”

Jalen snorted.  “Fine me someone to mess it up then.”

Jason snorted back.  “You’re on your own.”

At that moment, Janet came walking around the curtain.  “Hiding from the curious?” she asked, eyeing Jalen’s hair.

“Speaking of,” Jalen said, winking at Jason.

“Don’t go there,” Jason warned, then purposely winked at Janet.  “She’s too good for you.”

“Yeah, that figures,” Jalen said, but gave Janet an engaging smile anyway.  “Still, I can flirt, eh gorgeous?”

Janet gave him her best, ‘Don’t fuck with me’ look as she set down her clipboard and started taking his vitals.  She was seemingly oblivious of the warning looks Jason gave his brother, but Jason had a feeling she wasn’t fooled.  Finishing, she pulled off the BP cuff and wrote down the result, then set about doing the other simple tests; reflexes, breathing, lymph node check.

“How’re you doing, Camulus?” she suddenly asked.

Surprised, Jalen closed his eyes.  When he opened them, there was no tell-tale glow but the voice signaled the change.  “I am well, thanks for asking.”

“You didn’t come out without being asked,” she said, feeling under his jaw.  “Is it the surroundings?”

“You could say that I prefer to keep a low profile.  Jalen tends to keep a low profile when we’re on Qalar, so it works out.”

“Must be hard on you both,” she said, moving to the end of the bed to record her notes on the clipboard.

Jason exchanged looks with Camulus, then looked away, guiltily.  He hadn’t once asked how the symbiote was doing.  “Sorry,” he said.

“For what?” Camulus asked.

“For being rude.”

“For having Jalen on your mind?”

“For thinking only of him.  I forgot about you.”

Camulus gave him a sad but easy smile.  “It’s easy to do, Jason.  Over time, you’ll get used to my presence.”

“I hope so.  Doesn’t stop me from feeling bad.”

Camulus smiled and reached out for Jason’s hand, which he gave.  “You’re a good man, Jason.”

Jason snorted with disbelief.  “How’s that make me a good man?”

“A bad one wouldn’t give a damn.”

Janet gave Jason a knowing smile.  “He’s got a point.” Moving back, she gestured for her patient to get up.  “Time for the big, bad machine pictures.”

“MRI?” Camulus asked.

“MRI,” she confirmed.

Camulus closed his eyes and Jalen returned with a sardonic smile.  “He really hates those machines.”

“He’s had one before?”

“Military hospital on one of the SGC’s many bases off-world.  He hated the damn thing.  So, it’ll be just us for a while.”

Janet led them down two corridors and into the lead-lined section of the base infirmary.  Walking into the specialized room, she gestured at the chairs.  “Have a seat.  Fortunately, you don’t have to sit around and wait.  When you’re done, have Dr. Michaels send for Kyle.  I’ll have him standing by.”

“Send Kyle for what?” Jason asked.  “We can walk back.”

“True, but I’d rather have you escorted, plus Kyle will be finishing your visit with the blood work.  I’ve got some rounds to make over at the hospital, so I’ll see you both later this afternoon.  You should be cleared by then, Jalen.”

“Thanks,” he said to her departing back.  “Nice to meet you,” he called out.  She waved over her head.  He tilted his head, admiring her walk.

Jason rolled his eyes.  “You just can’t help yourself, can you?”


Dr. Michaels came out of the imaging office and gestured toward the MRI table.  “Howdy.  Done this before?” he asked in a rough Texas accent.

Jason smiled as Jalen nervously went through the instructions.  Despite what he’d said about how Camulus felt, it seemed Jalen wasn’t too fond of the machine, either.


Jalen pulled off the headphones and sat up as he came out of the MRI machine, feeling a little disoriented.  “Wasn’t bad.”

Jason walked out of the booth, leather tunic in hand.  “Here, I went back and got it.  Figured you’d rather get back into this as soon as possible.”

“It’s official.  You’re my hero,” Jalen grinned as he pulled on the tunic and folded the sides over each other, then wound leather ties around his waist.  “So, who’s this Kyle?”

Surprised, Jason frowned at him.  “Excuse me?”

Jalen waited till the Doctor closed the door, then looked around to make sure no one overheard.  “I saw the look on your face when she said his name,” he said in a lowered tone.  “Did you two have a thing once or something?”

“No. Kyle was interested but I had to turn him down because I wasn’t available.”

“Is he worth saying yes to?” Jalen asked carefully, still looking around.

Jason smiled.  “You’ll have to be the judge.  He might not respond well to you, given that you host Camulus, but I don’t know that for sure.”

Jalen nodded.  “The prejudice is understandable.”

Dr. Michaels opened the door to the booth, grinning at them.  “Looks good so far.  And I’ve called Corpsman Rhodes.  He’ll be here in a minute or so.”

“Thanks, Doc,” Jason said.

“Yeah, had a blast in there,” Jalen said, meaning it.  The radio station coming through the headphones had been nicely distracting.

“No, problem,” the Doctor answered and closed the booth.

“Anyway,” Jason said with a significant rolling of the word.  “You can always find out, Jalen, but be careful.  It’s best to let him give you the proper signals.”

“Right,” Jalen sighed, wishing this world weren’t so goddamn homophobic.

“I know,” Jason said, picking up on the man’s feelings.  “It sucks.”

“It does.”

Deciding to go for more distraction, he pointed at Jalen’s clothing.  “I think I’ll ask Hammond if we can have leather uniforms.”

Jalen snickered, shaking his head.  “You just want to see Daniel and Jack in them.” Jason’s knowing smile only made Jalen snicker even more.  “Ah huh.  I thought so.” He looked down at his clothes and sighed.  “I don’t mind them, really, but I miss black leather.  I coulda used these twenty years ago though.”

“Why’s that?”

“They would have come in handy for a couple of numbers.”

Jason didn’t understand and frowned.  “Numbers?”

“Numbers.  As in dance.” Jalen winked mischievously at him and Jason’s mouth fell open.

“You weren’t.”

“I was.”

“No, you weren’t.”

“I worked at some clubs, running a circuit,” Jalen chuckled, finding it funny.  “Why’s this bother you?”

“It doesn’t… exactly,” Jason answered, sounding contradictory.  “It’s just, I thought you were in medical school?”

“I had to pay for half the tuition, Jason.  Best money made is in tips as a stripper or dancer so that’s what I did, in both straight and gay clubs.” Jason was still stunned and Jalen couldn’t help but find it amusing.  “I’ll teach you some moves.  Think your lovers want you now?  Trust me, after seeing you move the way I’ll show you, they’ll give you the f–“

Jason clamped a hand over Jalen’s mouth just as Kyle showed up in the doorway.  Though he didn’t think that anyone was close enough to hear, Jason wasn’t going to risk it.  But Jalen’s words sank into his mind, giving him ideas.  The man had a point.  Being taught dance might just brighten up the known and make it new again.

“Later, okay?”

“Deal,” Jalen grinned, then smiled more broadly for Kyle as he held out his hand.  “Hello.  You’re Kyle?”

Kyle stared, then caught himself.  “Sorry, yes, I am, and you must be Jalen,” he said, taking Jalen’s hand.

Jalen immediately liked the firm grip and long fingers, and how tall Kyle was, how muscular, long-legged, and several other things.  His hands itched with the desire to grab and hold firm buttocks.  Preferably while thrusting between them.

“Get a grip,” Jason whispered as they left the MRI room, making Jalen snicker, which earned him a cuff in the back.  “Behave.”

“I’m trying,” Jalen answered, giving Kyle a wink.

Rolling his eyes, Jason asked, “Where to, Kyle?”

“Back to the infirmary, I’m afraid,” he answered, showing his teeth in a sarcastic grin.  “Vampire time.”

When Jalen looked a little surprised, Jason jumped on the opportunity to tease.  “Afraid of needles?”

Jalen let out a derisive snort.  “No, it’s just that, for a moment, I thought…”

Jason then knew what assumption Jalen had made.  “Adriann?” he asked, getting a glance from Kyle that he found interesting.


They were back in the ward and Kyle pulled the mobile tray over to the bed, gesturing for Jalen to sit back down.

“You’ve met Adriann?” he asked, wrapping the Velcro tourniquet around Jalen’s arm.

“Back on Bel’alat,” Jalen answered.  “Seems I’ll be meeting him again.  Next week, when I move to Bel’alat as the Tok’ra representative.  Ambassador, you might say.”

“What’s the Tok’ra’s interest, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“Trade,” Jalen answered simply.  “We can benefit from each other, and try to help Adriann and Eros learn about the secrets of that complex.  Baal seems to have had several projects going.  The Tok’ra want to have as much of it as they can, and they’ll trade almost anything to get it.” He paused, then added, “Including me, I suspect.”

“Jalen,” Jason frowned.

“Jason, I’m the most logical choice, and the most expendable for the time being, even if I will be the one in charge.  Other Tok’ra will be there but I’ll be making the decisions planet-side.”

“That’s an important job, Jalen, not an expendable one.”

“Maybe, but it still feels as if I’m being banished.”

“You’re not,” Jason argued.

“No, and logic backs you up, but I can’t help the way it feels.”

“The other Tok’ra are just nervous of Adriann, that’s all.  It has nothing to do with you.”

“If you don’t mind my saying,” Kyle said, jumping in as he finished the second tube and filled another.  “The Colonel, er, Jason, makes a valid point.  I’ve never personally met Adriann, but I saw him when he visited the SGC.  It wasn’t a pleasant experience for him, being surrounded by prejudice.”

Jason pursed his lips.  “I’ll say.  He publicly upbraided a few people, making sure the SFs nearby heard.”

“Why?” Jalen asked.  He hadn’t been all that crazy about Adriann’s methods, but he had respected his strength and power.  Someone like that was a great asset.  “Why would he have been met by prejudice here?  Haven’t these people seen enough not to be frightened by real-life vampires?”

“It wasn’t the vampire in him that they were afraid of,” Jason told him.  “It was the fact that Adriann likes men.”

Jalen rolled his eyes and sighed.  “Stupid.”

“Agreed,” Kyle answered.  “And given how he was received by us mere humans, I can only imagine what he and the others must think about working with the Tok’ra.  After all, Adriann’s people are enemies of the Goa’uld.  At least, that’s what I was told.”

Jalen narrowed his eyes, trying not to assume what Kyle meant.  “We’re not Goa’uld.”

“No, but you can appreciate the confusion,” Jason told him.

Reluctantly, Jalen agreed.  “I guess.”

“I’m sure it’s just as awkward for the Tok’ra, right?” Kyle asked.

Jalen gave him an appraising look, liking the man even more.  “It is that.”

Kyle gave him a sympathetic smile as he finished.  “Okay, you’re done here.  Doctor Fraiser asked me to let you know that she’ll try to have the results for your clearance as soon as possible.”

“Thanks, Kyle,” Jason said.

As they left, Jalen looked over his shoulder, catching a glance from Kyle as he sorted the vials in the holder and cleaned up.  Looking around, he didn’t see any SFs nearby.  “Listen, Jace,” he began, pausing just outside the ward.  “Can you do me a huge, immense, owe-you-big-time favor?”

Jason looked at him, trying to guess, and a moment later, he caught a little bit of the instinctual need, like a scent in the air.  “You can’t,” he whispered, knowing already he was not entirely convinced of his argument.  And the risk-taking was too big a thrill.  “Not here, Jalen.  You’ll get him into trouble.”

“He’s a big boy who can make his own decisions,” Jalen argued back, looking once more over his shoulder to make sure Kyle was still there.  “Just ten minutes.  Please?”

“They don’t exactly have condoms stashed in the latrine, Jalen.”

“He’ll know where they are.  C’mon.”

“How do you know he won’t turn you down?”

“I already know he won’t.”

“How?” Jason asked.

“I caught the look.  Just give me ten minutes.  Please?  It’s been four months, Jace.  Four months.”

“You and Alex aren’t…?”

“Not anymore.”

This was news.  Jason inhaled slowly, then turned away, looking at equipment sitting in the hall.  “Go.”

Behind him, he didn’t hear any voices.  Just heard the soft tread of footwear, then the closing and locking of the restroom door.  A moment later, he heard the air conditioning go on, which mean the light switch had been flicked on.  He swallowed and looked behind him, then walked into the room and went over to Jalen’s infirmary bed.  A magazine sat on top of the mobile food table and he pulled it open and started to read.  Over the next ten minutes, two nurses passed by outside, glancing in but continuing on.  Then another nurse came through the area and for a moment, Jason panicked, till he realized that Kyle had taken the blood-draw basket into the restroom with him.

“Have you seen Corpsman Rhodes?” she asked.

“He left with the blood.”

“Is there anything you need, sir?”

“No, just waiting on my brother, he’s in the restroom.”

The nurse moved on, giving Jason a curious look, as if she wanted to ask him a personal question, but Jason looked back to the article he’d been skimming, pretending to find it fascinating.  As he looked at the magazine, Jason couldn’t ever remember a quickie taking so damn long.  He couldn’t keep from imagining what it was like to be with Kyle and felt a bit guilty about it, even if it was a normal thought to have.  The tall blond was handsome, built like a truck and Jason had always wondered if Kyle was a top, bottom, or a switch, although he was fairly certain that, aside from Baal’s dominating needs, Jalen was a preferred top.  What would Kyle think of that if he was, too?  He’d have to ask Jalen, but then, given the time constraint, he didn’t think that Jalen would be fucking him.  Shame really.

There was another guilty, uncomfortable thought just then when he realized that sex wasn’t exactly something he and Jalen had talked about.  Not seriously, not confidingly.  This really was a first, for Jalen to openly ask him, to let him in on his personal thoughts and needs.  Should he ask about what he and Kyle did?  Or just leave it for Jalen to bring it up?  Perversely, Jason felt that in a twinnish sort of way, he was getting his own chance with Kyle.  Why shouldn’t he ask?

Finally, the door opened and Jalen came walking out alone, looking a little flushed but extremely pleased and smug.  “Thanks, Jace, I owe you.”

“Yes, you do,” Jason said, rising quickly, dismissing the idea of questions and answers.  Later, maybe.  Except… “Tell me you put a smile on his face,” he said as they quickly left the infirmary.  Jalen smiled in answer and Jason sighed.  “Ah huh.  Well, let’s get rid of any excess energy, shall we?  I know I need to.”

“Doing what?”

The idea was swift and sudden; another perverse thought.  It made Jason grin wolfishly.  “Joining Jack and Daniel in the gym.”

“Sweaty, muscular bodies of gorgeous men,” Jalen intoned, making a whining sound at the end.  “You’re going to torture me for the rest of the week for my wanton, risky behavior, aren’t you?”

“You have no idea.”

. . .

Daniel couldn’t get over the fact that Jalen and Jason were more alike than either man was aware of.  Ever since the workout, Jalen had done what Jason had done once upon a time: stared at his ass, and Jack’s, when he thought no one was looking.  Funny, too, was that Jason hadn’t noticed, and probably because he’d been doing the same damn thing.  Daniel knew sex was on his mind, but what had prompted it?  Not that Jason ever needed a reason, but he had been behaving himself lately, so his mood had to have been something Jalen had done.

As they rode the elevator car to the surface, Daniel put aside his thoughts about Jason and instead focused on the feelings he was picking up from his brother.  The man was extremely nervous and anxious.  Daniel could only assume that had something to do with being home again.  After all, the last time he’d been home, he’d seen it destroyed.

As the doors opened and they stepped out into the well-lit parking garage, he nudged Jason in the ribs.  Jason looked at him, perplexed for a moment, till Daniel nodded at Jalen’s reaction.  Jack, observant as ever, was already watching him, and rather than remaining silent, he moved to Jalen’s side as the man walked ahead of them.

“Is it a weird feeling, seeing it?”

Jalen looked at him, then back at the rows of parked vehicles.  “Seeing what?”

“This,” Jack waved before them.  “Covered parking, valet service.”

Jalen grinned, appreciating Jack’s attempt to bring levity to the situation.  “The valets must be invisible.”

“It’s that whole Nox thing, I think,” Jack grinned back.

“Yeah,” he sighed.  “You know, I didn’t think I’d miss seeing cars.  I was only joking about the Harley, not really taking it seriously.  But this is…”


“A little,” Jalen admitted.  Jason and Daniel joined them and Jason draped an arm about his shoulders.

“Missing congestion?  Honking horns, pissy drivers, rush hour?  Yeah, gotta miss that.”

“Funny,” Jalen told him, distracted by the warmth he felt by having Jason’s arm around him.  He wanted to return the gesture but somehow didn’t think he should.  It was a bittersweet feeling, because having Jason’s arm around him filled Jalen with a sense of home.  “I saw a lot of it destroyed, Jace.  It’s weird, but I’d find the sounds of rush hour a little reassuring, if a bit surreal.”

“Well, let’s go experience it then,” Jason said, leading him to his truck.  “Meet you guys where?”

“My house,” Daniel replied, moving to his Jeep.

“I thought we were staying at mine?” Jack asked.

Rolling his eyes, Daniel called out, “Jack’s.”

“Fine, be there in a while,” Jason said, throwing up a wave.

Parked next to Jack, Daniel shot him a concerned look.

“What?” Jack asked, opening his truck door.

Daniel shrugged.  “Just that, I’m worried that he’ll get overwhelmed by all of it.  Jason’s got his hands full.”

“That he does,” Jack nodded.  That he does. 


Jack was nervous.  He’d been anticipating Saturday’s Halloween Masque all week and now that it was Friday, he was wishing it was it Sunday.  At least this time, he had a pretty cool costume to wear.  And no leg-showing.

“Would you relax?” Daniel said as he brought out their 1890s US Marshal costumes and hung them on a free-standing coat rack in the middle of the living room.

“I am relaxed,” Jack argued, but they both knew it was a false front.  The other thing that bothered him was not having had any personal–read, intimate–time with Jason all damn week.  It was one thing when they were on a mission.  He had a job to do, and his mind was occupied with that.  But all week, the only thing he’d been able to accomplish was a bunch of house sorting and cleaning.

And okay, some personal, intimate time with Daniel.  But Jack missed Jason.

“He’ll be here,” Daniel whispered in his ear from behind.  It threw Jack out of his thoughts and he turned to wrap an arm around Daniel’s waist and bring him close.

“With Jalen.”

“I know, but it’s not so bad, all things considered.”

“I miss him, Daniel.  And don’t tell me you don’t.”

“I won’t,” Daniel replied with a sigh.  “Jason’s being a mother hen.  He’s rarely let Jalen out of his sight.”

“Well, to Jalen’s credit, he did put his foot down last night when we took him to that straight club.”

“Yeah, he did,” Daniel mused, grinning at the memory.  “It was something Jason would have done.”

Jack grinned.  “Though I thought Jason was going to have a heart attack when Jalen went out on the dance floor.”

With a surge of irritation, Daniel shook his head and pulled out of Jack’s hold.  Picking up the clothing brush, he started to brush down the costumes once more.  “I don’t get it, Jack.  What the hell is Jason’s problem?”

“He’s over-doing it, I know,” Jack nodded, taking the brush from Daniel’s hand.  “Enough.  They’re clean and pressed.  Leave ’em.” Daniel rolled his eyes at him, but didn’t argue.  “Jace doesn’t want Jalen doing anything that would call attention to himself or get him into trouble, thereby revoking his off-base pass.”

“Which is fucking weird, Jack.  Next to me, Jason is the most likely to buck the rules.  I’m surprised Jalen hasn’t tied him up and gone out clubbing.”

“You know why,” Jack said with a wicked grin.  “Jason would kill him.  No one borrows his truck except you or me.  Not even Lysa has the privilege.”

Daniel nodded.  “Well, if he doesn’t cool it, Jalen’s gonna bolt out of sheer rebellion.”

“I warned him, last night, when we went to the john to take a piss.”

Daniel sighed, slightly relieved.  “Good.”

Fingering the material of their costumes, Jack grinned for a different reason.  “He’s taking him shopping this afternoon.  Last minute stuff.  How in the hell is Jason going to find something?”

Shrugging, Daniel gave Jack the tiniest crook of the mouth, a sure sign of being secretive.  The I know something you don’t know look.

“What, he already found him something?”

Daniel grinned.

“Okay, out with it,” Jack ordered.

“Jason said that since we were going as law men, he and Jalen would counter it.”

Jack’s eyebrows went up in surprise.  “As in?”

“As in ‘opposite’.  What’s the opposite of cop?”

“Crimin… al,” Jack finished, then he smiled broadly, the expression decidedly sinister.  And very alluring.  “What sort?”

“Given our costumes?  He likes his leather, so that’ll be a hint.” Jack made a growling sound, making him grin.  “There’s only one drawback.”

“How can there be a drawback to that?”

“What do we do with Jalen?” Jack grinned and Daniel gave him a dirty look.  “Don’t go there.”

With a sigh, Jack started to plan.  “We need to get him a really good distraction, and preferably someone trustworthy, who’ll take care of him for the entire night.” He gave Daniel a meaningful look.  “For the entire night.”

Daniel’s mind was busily working out who, just as Jack’s was.  “Alex?”

“They’re not fucking any more, remember?”

“Special occasion?”

“He might already have a date anyway.”

“Maybe,” Daniel mused, thinking quickly.  “What about Kyle?”

Jack made a growling sound of disapproval, even though he admired the audacity.  “When Jason told me what he’d let them do, I about passed a kidney stone.”

Daniel sniggered.  “We’re in no position to judge.  We’ve done worse.”

Jack conceded that with jog of his brows.  “Which is why I didn’t say anything.” The more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed that Kyle would be the only choice if Alex and Jalen weren’t hooking up anymore.  Unless Jalen wasn’t picky about what gender he was with.  “Okay, wait a sec.”



“I thought Sam and Janet were going to be together the entire night?”

“Carter’s in Aspen.”

Daniel groaned.  “Shit, what’s wrong with my brain.”

“Lack of Jason bits, I suspect.”

Daniel started laughing.  “What a charming vocabulary you have.”

“Don’t I?” Jack said, then moved on.  “Seriously though.  We’re assuming Jalen wants to be with men but…?”

Daniel pursed his lips.  “Good point.”

“Then we could hook him up with Fraiser, if she’s agreeable.”

“Jason did say that Janet didn’t seem to mind Jalen’s constant flirting.  Tell me she’s going as someone appropriately counter to a criminal.  Or at least a bad boy?”

“Got them in bed already?”

“You do, gutter mind, or you wouldn’t have suggested we find someone to take care of him all night long.”

Jack grinned.  “Touché.”


“So what?”

“Who’s she going as?”

Jack’s smile widened like the proverbial cat with the canary.  “She told me not to tell.”

“Ah huh,” Daniel replied, narrowing his eyes.  He grabbed his cell phone and hit a speed dial number.

“Calling her, eh?” Jack smirked.


“Hey, it’s Daniel.”

“What’s up?”

“Jack won’t tell me who you’re going as, but it doesn’t matter because I have a more important question.”

“Which is?”

“Are you going with anyone?”

“Why Daniel, are you asking me out?”

Daniel made a growling noise.  “Funny, Janet.”

Janet snickered.  “It was.  So, you need to know because?”


“Uh oh, I do not like that tone.  What are you up to?”

“Um.  Jalen.”

She was quiet for a moment, then asked, “And?”

“We were wondering–“

“Who’s we?  You and the Colonel?”


“You were wondering if I’d be Jalen’s date or something?”

“Well, we, uh, haven’t seen Jason all week, Janet, and we were hoping to be alone tomorrow night.”

More silence, then Janet cleared her throat.  And cleared her throat again.  “Are you asking me to babysit all night?”

Daniel couldn’t help it and heat suffused his cheeks as he blushed with embarrassment.  “I’m in trouble, aren’t I?”

“No,” she said, drawing out the word, “but you are *so* going to owe me one, Daniel.”

“Hey, he’s handsome, good company, he likes you–“

“Whoa, stop right there, mister.”

Daniel grimaced and rubbed his eyes with thumb and forefinger.  “Please don’t say no.”

“I’m not saying no, but if this is your attempt to fix me up with him–“

“Janet, c’mon.”

Jack made the ‘gimme’ sign and Daniel handed him the phone.


“Colonel.  Pull rank on me and the deal’s off.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.  But the deal is, we know the guy likes you, and yeah, it’s kinda a set-up, but not without its perks.  Are you going to tell me you have no interest whatsoever?  None?  Zilch?  Zero?”

Janet was quiet again and Jack knew he had her.  “You owe me, too, Colonel.”

“I know.  I’ll add it to the list,” and he couldn’t keep from grinning his head off when Janet made a noise of disgust.  “So, costume all ready?”

“I decided to use another.”

“What was wrong with Mae West?” he asked, grinning at Daniel’s raised brows.

“The wig.”

“Too big or…?”

“Too hideous.  I looked like a poodle died on my head.”

Jack started laughing, and once it started, the images in his head made it worse and he ended up blindly handing Daniel the phone while he bent over and guffawed.

“Well, whatever you said, he’s gone,” Daniel said dryly.  “So not Mae West?”

“Bad wig.”

“Ah.  So now what’re you going as?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Well, we were just… being… idiots.  Trying to match up costumes.  Jason and Jalen are going as criminals, although they’re not saying what kind.”

“And so I ask the question again.”

“I was, you know, thinking that Jalen could probably use a sexy, dominant woman to take charge of him.  I figured you’d–“

It was Janet’s turn to burst out laughing and Daniel held the phone away from his ear till the laughter faded, but it faded only because Janet was laughing away from the phone.

“…have something appropriate to wear,” he said into the phone.  “Janet?” he called out.

“Oh god,” she breathed, calming down.  “That was too funny.  See you tomorrow.” She hung up and Daniel stood there, staring at the phone, not getting the joke.

“What’d she say?” Jack asked, still sniggering.

“She’s didn’t.”

Jack took a breath, wiping his eyes.  “Jalen won’t stand a chance.”

“Problem is, we’ll have to convince him that he needs to be with her tomorrow night.  If he’s in the mood for guys, that’s gonna be a big problem because…”

“Because now that we’ve told Fraiser,” Jack finished, “she’s gonna be thinking about him and if he backs out…”

Daniel copied Jack’s grimace, but a second later, an idea came to him.  “We were just going to go out to dinner tonight, but what if…” He paused as a dangerous smile spread over his face.

“I know that look,” Jack said, grabbing Daniel around the waist.  “What’re you thinking?”

“How about we take him to that place north of Denver instead?”

Jack’s mind was suddenly filled with all sorts of possibilities, all of which included Jason.  “Kill two birds?”

“One way or another,” Daniel answered, rubbing against him.

“I love the way you think, Doctor Jackson.”

. .

“No, like this,” Jalen said, bending his knees and gyrating his hips, adding a hard thrust at the end.  When Jason copied him, he smiled broadly.  “Yes, perfect.”

They were in the middle of the floor in Jason’s loft, dancing to club music.  They looked like mirror images, apart from the hair.  After several more moves, Jason abruptly mis-stepped and waved his surrender.

“Okay, okay, I’ve had enough,” he said, wiping his brow as he went to the stereo to turn down the music.  “Besides, Jack and Daniel will be over soon and we both need a shower.”

Jalen nodded.  “Okay, you go first, just don’t use–“

“Up all the hot water, I know.”

In the bathroom, Jason removed his clothes and slipped into the shower, feeling energized and highly sexual.  He loved learning something new that he could use on Jack and Daniel but that damn erotic dancing had him wet-wired.  It was difficult to rid himself of the wishful thinking as he soaped his skin, so instead, he thought about what to have for dinner and where else they might take Jalen on their evening out.  Through the soft noise of the beating water, he heard Jalen turn up the stereo and wondered just what kind of dance routine Jalen was performing.


In the open-space living room area, Jalen went through the quick moves of the old dance number he’d used a few times, one designed to elicit an erotic response in front of a large audience.  As he moved, he remembered the thrill of the exhibition, how stiff his cock had gotten by the looks from the men and women in the audience, clapping, yelling, whistling.  He wondered when he’d be able to do it again, and inside, Camulus said that was an experience he’d certainly love to share someday.

Behind them, the music masked the sound of the elevator rising and opening as Jack and Daniel appeared.  Coming inside and closing the cage door to the lift, they paused, taken by surprise by the unexpected ability of their lover’s twin.  Daniel held his breath and Jack felt a tremor in his thighs.  Across the room, Jalen moved his body to the beat of the song, “Would I Lie to You?” He rotated his hips, moved his legs through steps, spins and kicks, and threw back his head on occasion.  All the while, his hands moved over his body in a sensual tease.  When the song ended and Jalen was down on one knee with his head bowed, Jack and Daniel raised their hands in applause.

Jalen lifted his head up quickly, startled.  “Hey,” he said, panting.

“That was nice,” Jack said, impressed as he walked over.  He’d have shaken his hand but Jalen was wiping them on his pant legs, clearly stating he wasn’t about to give him a sweaty handshake.

“It was,” Daniel agreed, but he tried to say it in a way that didn’t reveal any of the arousal he was feeling.  It was getting to the point that when he looked at Jalen, he saw Jason, and he didn’t know how to feel about that.  Guilt, certainly, but why exactly?

“Thanks,” Jalen answered.

“Where’d you learn that?” Daniel went on, looking around for Jason just before he caught the scent of the shower.  His eyes were suddenly glued to the doorway that led there.

“Long time ago,” Jalen answered, grinning when he noticed that Jack’s attention joined Daniel’s.  “He’s been in there for about five minutes.”

Daniel nodded, feeling his fingers itch.  Perhaps the club would bring an opportunity while Jalen was busy.  Hopefully busy.

“Listen, I wanna apologize,” Jalen said suddenly.

“For what?” Jack asked.

“I’ve monopolized him all week,” Jalen said, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“Jason let you,” Daniel corrected.

“Maybe, but I know how I’d feel if the situation were reversed.”

“Yeah,” Daniel answered slowly.  “So, feel up to something different tonight?”

“What do you mean?” Jalen asked, looking back and forth between Jack and Daniel.

“We figured that maybe it was time to take you somewhere that didn’t include revisiting old territory.”

Jalen grinned at him.  “Yeah, it’s been interesting, but a bit boring.  But then, there’s nothing much else to do around here.”

“Up north, there is,” Jack said, purposely vague.

Jalen’s interest was immediately piqued.  “Like?”

“Something definitely off limits,” Jack said as he sat down on the couch.

“I’m in,” Jalen said immediately.  “I don’t care what it is.”

Daniel grinned.  “Then how about we leave it at that and surprise you?”

“I get the feeling you were gonna do that anyway,” Jalen said with a huge grin on his face.

“Busted.  One reason for this excursion is due to what happened with Kyle,” Jack started.

Jalen put up a hand defensively.  “It won’t happen again, I swear, I just…”

Jack waved off his defensive attitude.  “I’m not planning on breaking your balls over this.  Daniel and I just figured that it’d be pretty damn cool to give you a bigger… playing field.  Providing you’re still interested in guys.”

Jalen snorted with amusement as he sat on the opposite couch.  “I’m always interested in guys.”

Daniel nodded as he stood between the couches, hands in pockets.  “Okay, but what about that flirting with Janet?”

More tennis match looks between Jack and Daniel before Jalen sat back and crossed his arms.  “Are you two the big brothers who’re gonna break my balls over that instead?”

“No,” Daniel drawled.  “On the contrary.” He looked at Jack for back-up, but Jack only smirked at him.  Rolling his eyes, Daniel fixed Jalen with a semi-serious look.  “Was your interest in her serious or were you just flirting?”

“I’m not planning on courting her, if that’s what you’re aiming at.”

Jack grinned at the old-fashioned term.  “No, and I don’t think Janet would want it anyway.”

“Then what?”

Daniel cleared his throat.  “We were wondering if you had any plans for tomorrow night after the Halloween party?”

“No.” Jack and Daniel didn’t say anything and Jalen eyed them suspiciously for a moment, till he started to put together the clues from the moment the guys came in.  “I think I get it.”

“Get what?” Jack asked.  No way was he leaving any room for misunderstandings.

Jalen slouched a bit and stretched out his legs, feet sliding under the coffee table between the couches.  His pose was purposely smug and insolent.  “You want me to disappear for the night, but under qualified supervision, per the request of the General.” He paused at Jack and Daniel’s smirks.  “How’d I do?”

“You win the Kewpie Doll,” Jack answered, trying very hard not to match Jalen’s pose.

“Do you mind?” Daniel asked, poking Jack in the ribs as the man started to slouch.

“No,” Jalen said, liking the idea.  “Is she amendable or do you plan to spring this on her at the party?”

“She already knows,” Jack said, “and doesn’t mind baby-sitting.”

“Watch it now.  The only baby-sitting will be if she calls me ‘Baby.'”

Daniel pointed at Jack just as his lover’s eyes narrowed.  “No protective brother stuff, Jack, because if it gets back to Janet,” and he eyed Jalen severely, “then she’ll be the one breaking balls.”

“Who’s breaking balls?” Jason asked, coming out of the shower, wearing a towel around his hips while using another to rub his hair.

“No one,” Daniel replied as he quickly moved over before Jack could get off the couch and beat him to it.  Grabbing Jason around the waist, he felt his cock stiffen slightly as the smell and feel of a fresh-washed Jason filled all senses.  “Missed you,” he said, kissing him.

“You saw me yesterday,” Jason said, not complaining.

“Not the same thing, and you know it,” Jack added as he came up behind Jason and kissed him on the cheek and neck.  He was also arguing with himself over the removal of the towel.  And his clothes.  And whether or not Jalen could take a few laps around the block without an escort.

Jalen stood up, watching them do nothing more than hug each other.  He couldn’t help but feel a sharp twist of loss, colored with envy.  He’d been in love once, had a long relationship, and ironically, it had been with an older man about Jack’s age, and wondered if that was why he felt an attraction to Jack.  His attraction to Daniel, on the other hand, was another matter.  There was no explaining it.  Yes, Daniel was handsome, built, and easy to want, but he was also giving off vibes that said, ‘stay away.’ Jalen had tried to ignore the sensual, magnetic quality the man had but it hadn’t worked.  For a moment, he indulged in some quality voyeurism, but reluctantly got up and went to the window so Jason wouldn’t catch him.  Their relationship was getting better but Jason was unpredictable.  There was no telling what he’d think if he caught Jalen looking.

. .

Jack grinned his head off as he parked the truck and got out.  Jalen’s eyes were glued to the building across the street and he hadn’t even looked where he was stepping as he’d opened the door of the King cab and got out.  Sharing his grin with Daniel and Jason, Jack tapped Jalen’s shoulder.  “Cat got your tongue?”

Startled by Jack’s touch, Jalen felt a surge of attraction and suddenly wished he’d worn something other than a tank top and jeans.  He’d rather not let Jason see his reaction to Jack or Daniel’s proximity, especially given the anticipation rising inside him.  He was gonna get laid tonight.  The only question in his mind was how many times.  Clearing his throat, he walked ahead of them as they started for the entrance.  “I’ve been here, you know, so it’s unfortunately not a surprise.”

“Bummer,” Daniel said with a smirk as he came up on Jalen’s right.

“It’s a bit different, but yeah, same building, same type of bar.”

“Good memories, I hope?”

“Yeah, mostly,” Jalen replied, looking away from Daniel, and his chest, and how his white tank top accentuated his pecs.  Jesus, Jason was so damn lucky.

Daniel picked up on Jalen’s feelings with no problem and this was one of those times where he cursed Adriann’s gift.  He didn’t want to block his empathy, not tonight, so the annoyance with his gift was double-edged.  As they crossed the road, Daniel slowed and moved around to walk beside Jack instead.  When he and Jason gave him a casual look, Daniel shrugged, but Jack gave him a look, wondering what was up.

“Something up?” he asked.

Daniel shook his head, grinning as Jalen walked ahead of them again, eager to get inside the club.  “He’s feeling just a bit…”

Jason nodded with understanding, just as Jack did, but Jason was also worried about Daniel’s empathic ability.  “Aren’t you concerned about getting a bit of overload in there?” he asked as they reached the covered porch for the club.

Again, Daniel shrugged.  “Not thought about it, but I’ll find out if I can handle it.  This’ll be a good testing ground.  If I’m overwhelmed and can’t control the block, I’ll leave.” Jalen was giving him a confused frown and Daniel was surprised that the man actually forgot.  “I’m empathic, remember?”

Jalen’s eyes widened and he tried to cover up the feelings of panic.  “Right, right.  Well, let’s go in, shall we?” And hopefully everyone else’s feelings would cover up his own, he thought as he reached for the doorknob.

“When was the last time you were here?” Jack asked.


Jalen stopped two feet inside the door, taking a look at the immense wide-open floor space, filled with dancing bodies.  What surprised him wasn’t the catwalk and its stage, or the four dancer cages suspended in the air.  What killed him were the green, blue, and red laser lights.  They shone in several bars of light, looking almost like security lights for an art house.  And they moved, artfully, skillfully, right along with the regular klieg lights aimed at suspended dancers.

“Jesus, that’s cool,” he yelled to Jack.

“Thought you’d like that.”

“C’mon, let’s get to the bar,” Jason said, heading over to the far left of the bar.  Staircases on either side of the bar led to a single catwalk skirted with a railing where customers could take advantage of the view by looking down onto the wide floor.  Looking up, Jack found they were being checked out by several people and he made a quick threat assessment as he returned the looks.

“What’re you looking at?” Daniel asked as they sat down on stools near the end of the bar.

“That,” Jack said, pointing.

When Daniel looked up from their seats at the bar, all he could see was the railing.  “Anything worth checking out up there?”

“I didn’t look too long,” Jack shrugged.

Jason grinned.  “Too busy threat-assessing, no doubt.”

“In the blood, Jace.”

“It’s a good idea,” Jalen said as he looked around.

“How’re you doing?” Jack asked Daniel when he noticed that he looked a little strained.

“It’s a little difficult, but I’m slowly getting it to tone down,” Daniel replied, rubbing at his temple.  He was actually a bit surprised at just how much control he’d acquired in blocking out emotion, so lowering the emotional level was easier than he’d thought it would be.

“We can leave if you–” Jack started to suggest, rising from his stool, but Daniel grabbed his forearm and forced him back down.

“Just sit down, Jack.  I’ll be fine.  When I’m not, I’ll let you know.” He looked down the long bar, signaling to the bartender.  The man, dressed in black jeans and matching T-shirt, was muscular, with neck-length wavy, brown hair and a groomed, two-day growth of facial hair.  Daniel wondered if that was a lay-over from the Miami Vice days or just the fashion now.  He could never be certain anymore.

When the bartender came over, Daniel watched the man dart his dark blue eyes between Jason and Jalen, as if he wasn’t quite sure what he was seeing.  When the man caught passersby doing the same thing, including men from the dance floor, he gave Daniel and his friends a wide smile, showing white even teeth.  “How ya’ll doin?  I’m Carl, what can I get ya?”

“Jackson Jack,” Daniel asked, winking at Jack as he bit his lip with amusement.

Laughing, Jack said, “Show off.  I’ll have a Guinness dark.”

“I’ll have the same,” Jason said, laughing with him.

“And you, sir?” Carl asked Jalen.

“Ice water, please.”

“Ice water?” Carl asked in surprise.

“I left my money at home,” Jalen answered with a grin.

“Consider it my expense, dickhead,” Jason said with a hard thump against Jalen’s shoulder.

“I didn’t want to presume,” Jalen answered defensively.

“We’re the ones taking you out, remember?” Jason shot back.  “Order something other than water.”

Grinning, Jalen nodded to Carl.  “Long Island Iced Tea, please.”

Carl nodded back and left to get their orders and Jalen paused when he caught the three men staring at him.  “What?”

“Long Island Iced Tea?” Jack asked.

“They pack a punch,” Daniel commented.  “Planning on getting drunk?”

“No,” Jalen answered, rubbing the back of his neck.  “But Camulus wanted to know what a Long Island Iced Tea tasted like.” He paused again as his eyes unfocused, the sign he was talking to his symbiote.  Returning his gaze to the others, he said, “Since he isn’t going to be here, so to speak, I figured I’d indulge him when I could.  So what’s in a Jackson Jack?”

“Yukon Jack and Ginger Ale.”

Jalen’s brows arched.  “That’s gotta have a kick.”

“It does.”

“You’re getting some attention,” Carl said as he brought over the drinks, indicating the customers looking in their direction.

“That was fast,” Jack said, referring to their service.

“Fast gets you appreciative tips,” Carl replied, taking their money.  “Besides, I have help,” and he indicated the other bartender, now currently mixing up more cocktails.

“He has good ears then,” Jason grinned as he handed the bartender a tip and Carl winked at him as he pocketed the bill.

“So,” Carl said, “any of you stage dance?”

Jason snorted, laughing as he gestured at Jalen.  “He does.  Why?”

“Tonight’s the dance version of Open Mike night.”

“And your version would be?” Daniel asked.

Gesturing at the stage’s catwalk, Carl said, “Selecting a song and doing your thing up there.  But I gotta warn you.  There’s a nasty punishment for those who suck at it.”

“Punishment, huh?” Jalen asked, and inside, Camulus was pushing at him to do it, though he didn’t have to push too hard.  Jalen was up for it, no problem.  It would fulfill their exhibitionism, something they hadn’t been able to experience in quite a long time, and Camulus would get a chance to feel the thrill of performance.  This was also a chance to feel normal again, to re-own a kink that Baal had twisted.

“You’re interested?” Carl asked.

Jalen smiled.  “I’m interested.”

“You know something about entertaining an audience?”

Daniel suddenly burst out laughing and received a few scolding looks from Jason and Jack.  “Sorry,” he said, clearing his throat.

“No offense taken,” Jalen told him, shaking his head at Jason and Jack.  “Dudes, lighten up.”

“Dudes?” Jack asked, amused.

“So I take it that’s a yes?” Carl asked as he looked Jalen over, the sweep of his gaze very deliberate.

“That’s a yes,” Jalen answered with a touch of arrogance.  “But I only have tonight, so I’m hoping your Open Mike night doesn’t have a full card already.”

“There’s room,” Carl assured.  “No one’s signed up yet.  They almost always wait till after the first dance.”


“Starts at 9:30,” Carl said, checking his watch.  “In fact, you have twenty minutes.”

“Where do I go?”

Carl pointed behind them, to the dark door that led behind the stage.  “There.  Shawn’s the stage manager and he’s the one you need to see.”

Jalen nodded and drained his drink in four swallows.  The rush of alcohol hit him, warming him, and because of Camulus, the dizzy feeling didn’t hit him.  Just as he started to push off the bar, Jack and Jason had him by the arms.

“You’re serious?” Jason asked.

“I’m serious,” Jalen said, moving away and out of their grasp.

“Can we go with him?” Daniel asked Carl.

“No, it’s only for the dancers.”

“A perfect opportunity for a little nasty business, don’tcha think?” Jack asked, his expression very familiar to his lovers.

“Appreciate the concern,” Carl said, unfazed by the implication.  “We’re secure here.”

“I can take care of myself,” Jalen assured Jack, then Daniel and Jason.  “Trust me.”

“We do,” Jason answered, but leaned in and pointedly added, “It’s everyone else we don’t.  If there are problems, you walk away.  No fights.”

“Again, trust me.  I’m in no mood for fighting.” He turned to Carl.  “So, good to go.”

“Then let’s see what you got,” Carl said, gesturing at the door.

Jalen jogged his brows and turned away, heading for the door.  They watched him knock, then disappear as he was invited in and the door closed again.

“He’s gonna get the shower,” Carl grinned mischievously.

“Shower?” Jack asked.

“From the ramps above,” Carl said, pointing above the stage.  “Water gets dumped on the dancer, a la Flashdance.  With that body and that long hair?  He’s getting the shower.”

“I hope they get told about that,” Daniel remarked, “otherwise, it’ll throw off the dancer’s focus.”

“Usually, they get asked,” Carl said loudly as he moved down the bar to fill a few orders shouted at him.  “In your friend’s case, I think he’ll be told.”

Jack shook his head, then nudged Jason when he caught him frowning.  “What’s up, sourpuss?”

Jason shoved at him, keeping his eyes on the stage as if he could see through the blue, sequined curtains beyond.  “Stop it, Jack, I’m fine.  I’m just…” He shook his head, not wanting to finish the thought he had.  Part of him wanted Jalen to enjoy himself, but a greater part of him had been hoping the night would prove boring, that his twin would get a blow job or a quick fuck, then they’d leave and go back home.  That way, there’d be nothing for Jalen to miss.  But it seemed that Jalen was indeed going to have a damn good time.  Jason tried to feel happy for him, telling himself the man deserved it after all he’d been through.

Jack watched him, noting his clenched jaw, and turned to Daniel to point it out, but he saw that Daniel was already watching him.  Daniel glanced at Jack, then moved over to stand in front of Jason and placed both hands on the bar on either side of his lover, essentially trapping him.

“Stop that, Jason.”

“What?” Jason asked, looking over Daniel’s shoulder at the stage.

“Stop that,” Daniel said again, taking Jason’s chin in hand, forcing him to look at him.  “He doesn’t need protecting.  Instead, how about you give some attention to what you have here in front of you.” He kissed him then, firmly but with no tongue, and abruptly, Jason’s attention was quickly diverted.  “And what you have beside you.” He turned Jason’s face toward Jack and Jack leaned over from his stool and gave him the same kiss.  Except this time, Jason was opening his mouth, wanting more.

He stared back at his lovers, glad that they’d succeeded in getting his head out of his butt.  Appropriately, Jason remembered his earlier wish about getting reacquainted at the club.  “I’m sorry,” he said as he slid an arm around Daniel’s waist, pulling him in so he could nuzzle his throat.

Daniel slowly threaded his fingers through Jason’s hair, then abruptly clutched a handful and pulled Jason’s head back.  Reaching between them, he slid his hand over his lover’s groin and squeezed, watching smugly as Jason’s eyes half-lidded.  Leaning in, he brought his lips whisper-close to Jason’s and… did nothing else.  Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Jack reach over to touch his ass, and even though he expected it, the feel of his hand still sent a hot rush of pleasure through him.

It would be so easy, Daniel thought, as the swell of lustful emotions matched his erection.  He could just keep going, encourage Jack to get behind him, and together, they’d wind each other up as they usually did.  But at the end of the bar?  No. Daniel didn’t want to start something he couldn’t finish.  Not like this.  “We need a room,” he said, moving away, grinning when Jason grabbed his hand and kissed his palm.

“As soon as possible,” Jack said, grabbing Jason and Daniel’s hands.

“Carl?” Daniel called, clearing his throat as he pulled his hand away.

“Yeah?” Carl asked, coming to their end of the bar.

“Are the rooms still a first-come, first-serve?”

Carl shook his head.  “Not all.  We refurnished a few for paid use.” He paused, looking at all three men and a strange smile came over his face.  “You’re a Poly.”

Jack gave the man a careful look.  “You’re very observant.”

Carl smiled knowingly, his teeth showing a little more brightly due to the club lights.  “I have to be.”

“You act surprised,” Daniel said, sipping on his drink.  “Don’t get many Polys in here?”

Carl waggled one hand.  “Sometimes.  Just depends.  You’re a little different from the ones I get in here.”

“How’s that?” Jack asked.

“You seem to be committed.  Most of the Polys that come in here are part of a BDSM lifestyle and have a hierarchy.”

Jack gave a snort, thinking of their ranks.  “We’re not that exactly.”

“Exactly?” Daniel asked him.

“You’re the one who got us together so it sort of makes sense that you’re…”


“The leader?” Jack asked, beginning the tease.

“No,” Daniel drawled.

“Dom?” Jason asked.

“No,” Daniel snickered.

“Guy in charge?” Jack suggested.


“Sugar Daddy?” Jason goaded, laughing as soon as the words left his lips.

Daniel shook his head as he took a drink.  “No, smart ass.” Looking at Carl, he explained, “We’re committed, with fringe benefits once in a while,” and he smiled around the lip of his glass.

“True,” Jack said, reaching over and tapping Daniel’s glass with his, then did the same with Jason’s.

“Could I ask a more personal question?” Carl asked.

Jack and Jason looked over at Daniel first–something that did not escape Carl’s notice and made him wonder if Jack was aware that he did that.

“Sure,” Jack said, echoed by Jason.

Looking at Daniel, Carl asked, “Who did you have a relationship with first?”

Stunned, Daniel was curious where the question had come from.  “You’re asking me, why?”

Carl smiled and waved a finger at the three of them.  “You’re not even aware of it, are you?”

“What?” Jack asked.

“You two,” he said, pointing to Jack and Jason, “defer to him.  When I asked you if I could ask a personal question, you two looked at Daniel first before answering.”

Jack opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out.  Jason did the same.  Slowly, they looked at each other, then Daniel.

“I didn’t even notice that,” Daniel said, suddenly embarrassed.

Jack suddenly smiled widely and hooked an arm around Daniel’s neck as he leaned in to kiss him.  “That’s why I love you.”

Even more embarrassed, Daniel joked, “I thought it was my ass.”

Jason snickered when Jack didn’t correct him and earned a smack in the chest.  “So,” Jason began, turning to Carl.  “We’re interested in a room.”

Carl nodded with a secretive smile.  “Sure thing, but you need to know that they have a viewing window on one side, for viewing another room or for letting them view you.”

“Tailored for voyeurs and exhibitionists?” Jack asked.

“Like this club,” Carl smiled.

“Are there private rooms?” Jason asked.

Carl shook his head slowly.  “You want a private room, I’ll give you a hotel recommendation.”

He was called to the other end of the bar and when he was out of earshot, Daniel bit his lip and smiled at his lovers.  “Let’s indulge.”

Jason smiled widely, loving the idea, but a second later, his smile disappeared.  “We can’t.  We’re baby-sitting.”

“We brought him here to get laid, Jason,” Daniel argued.  “I wasn’t planning on standing nearby, were you?”

Jason grimaced, annoyed with himself for being reminded of the scenes during Baal’s enslavement.  “No, but…” He started to repeat himself, then asked himself what the problem was.  Jalen wasn’t going to get in trouble, wasn’t going to run off.  He wasn’t a criminal.  He was his brother.  Jason closed his eyes, feeling embarrassed.  “You’re right.  I’m sorry.”

“Still on that protective kick?” Jack asked as he reached over to pull Jason over.  “C’mere you.” Framing Jason’s face in his hands, noting the tinge of blush on his cheeks, Jack forced Jason to meet his eyes.  “Know what I plan on doing to you tomorrow night?”

Jason swallowed and brought his hands to Jack’s, then slowly slid them down to his chest.  “What?” he asked.

“This,” Jack said, turning his hands to grab Jason’s wrists and push them behind his back.

Jason’s pulse quickened and thoughts of the next night over-rode every other idea.  “Then let’s wait.”

Jack shook his head.  “Maybe on the bondage,” and he kissed him deeply still holding Jason’s hands behind him.

“Nice tat,” said a young man as he walked by, breaking the mood.

“Isn’t it,” Daniel agreed, reaching over to slide his fingers under the wide opening of Jason’s sleeve, cupping his pec in a blatant display of ownership.  The young man simply grinned, nodded, and moved on.

Jason closed his eyes, finding the touch highly erotic.  “Daniel.” The word conveyed everything.

Daniel rubbed over the nipple, then withdrew his hand.  “In a little while.”

He and Jack were about to tease Jason further when a loud, deep voice came over the comm system.  “Welcome to Open Dance!  Are you ready for some hip-grinding action?”

The answer was a resounding cheer of wolf whistles from every part of the club.

“God, I really hope he soars,” Jason said, running a nervous hand over his chin.

“Given what we saw, he will,” Daniel replied.

Surprised, Jason asked, “What?  When did you see him dance?”

“He was doing it when we came in,” Jack told him, “while you were in the shower.”

“Oh,” Jason said, just as the lights flashed several colors over the stage and wide catwalk.  “Oh shit.”

“He’ll be fine, Jace,” Daniel assured him.

“Let’s give a nice, hot welcome to our first victim.  May we become his instead.  Give it up for Jalen.”

It was Déjà Vu, suddenly, as the notes to the Eurythmics’ song began and Jalen came through the curtain, minus his boots and shirt.  Stepping on the front pads of his feet and swinging his hips, he hadn’t gone more than a foot toward the catwalk when he held out arms and spun around, receiving a lot of water from above.

Cheers went up as those watching caught a little of the water as Jalen was drenched.  The only part of him that wasn’t was the back of his legs but the parts that needed drenching were definitely taken care of.  Daniel looked over at Carl and found him grinning and nodding in his direction.

“Told ya,” he said with immense approval.

Daniel raised his glass, agreeing, then returned his gaze to the stage.  As they watched Jalen for the next three minutes, he picked up on deep admiration and envy from Jason, which is what he expected, but what he didn’t expect was what he picked up from Jack.  An emotion that mirrored his own.  Arousal.

The crowd’s reaction only seemed to intensify it.  They were cheering, loving how Jalen teased and toyed with his audience.  Daniel suddenly wondered what it would be like to kiss him, to feel the difference between them.  He’d kissed Jason with a beard, so that wasn’t part of the curiosity, but Daniel couldn’t help but be curious about other comparisons.  He’d never find out, of course, but the voice inside that ignored guilt and ethics told him that it’d still be wonderful to find out.  On the heels of that thought, came another, deeper, more reptilian idea: what did his cock feel like?

Swallowing, hating his traitorous mind, Daniel shook off the thoughts and brought his hands together for the applause when Jalen finished.

“He’s so getting laid after this,” Jack said, then he stiffened as he looked out over the crowd.  A second later, he relaxed just a bit but the casual, loose evening he’d been thinking of suddenly vanished.  An uncomfortable grin appeared on his face and it made Jason frown.

“What’s the matter?”

Jack cleared his throat and stood up from the bar stool.  “I need some air, I think.”

“No, hang on, what’s the matter,” Jason persisted, taking Jack’s hand.

Jack’s feelings alerted Daniel and he looked away from the now-empty stage.  “Jack?”

Shaking his head, Jack gestured out on the dance floor, but to no one in particular.  “For a moment, I thought I saw someone from the base.”

Daniel sighed regretfully, knowing that Jack would now be on alert, justified or not.  Play time was over.  Unless he and Jason could somehow convince Jack otherwise.

“Listen to me,” Jason said, glaring at him.  “In for a penny, in for a pound.  What’s that old saying?  ‘You pays your money, you takes your chances’?  If we ever get busted, ever, then I say we bloody well fucking earn it, Jack.” He paused, then added, “We’re already here.”

“And we’re already queer,” Daniel added, grinning at his bad pun.

“So get used to it?” Jack finished, then all three of them groaned.  Jack sighed at them and shaking his head.  “You make valid points.  But, I’ve just suddenly lost my appetite for exhibitionism.” When his lovers opened their mouths to protest, he held up a finger.  “Find me a secluded spot where no one can watch but we won’t be physically leaving the club.”

There was a throat clearing nearby and they turned to see Carl at their end of the bar, looking askance as he mixed a drink.  “Sorry, but bartender’s ears.  I mentioned those rooms, yes?”

“Not into having folks watch,” Jack said immediately.  Looking around, he added, “Well, not tonight anyway.”

“The rooms are one-way by default,” Carl said, “and please forgive me, but I should have explained.  The rooms happen to be private booths.  Look here,” and he traced an outline on the bar top.  “Looks like this.  A large room in the center, and on each side, there are two booths.  There’s a two-way switch, if you want to be watched, but it’s automatically one-way tinted glass.”

Jack’s brows went up in interest, along with Jason’s and Daniel’s.  Exchanging looks, they came to a silent agreement.

“Do we set one up here or…?” Jason asked.

Carl nodded, then moved to a cabinet behind the bar and withdrew a key with an accompanying room number for the keychain.  Taking it back, he laid it on the counter.  “$150 per person, unfortunately, but those’re the prices.”

Daniel pulled out his credit card and when Jack and Jason started to do the same, he held up his hand.  “I got it.”

“No–” Jason started to argue, but Daniel waved his card at him before handing it to Carl.

“I got it, Jace.” Meaning he was a civilian, so the only paper trail would lead back to him, and he couldn’t be fired for going to a gay club.

“You know,” Carl said secretively, as he returned with Daniel’s card and the pay slip.  “If you do decide to go two-way, there’s an out.”

“How’s that?” Jack asked.

Carl reached under the counter and pulled out three silver masks, the kind that covered half the face, so that the mouth was free.

Jack grinned, liking the design.  They reminded him of Mardi Gras masks, with arched brows, high cheekbones, and thin, straight noses.  “Maybe another time but I’ll take them anyway.” With the cash he had on him, he picked up the tab for those.

“You gentlemen want anything else?” Carl asked and after three nods at their glasses, he moved away to get their drink refills.

Daniel cleared his throat, anticipation climbing.  “Now all we gotta do is arrange a spot in this club where we can meet up with Jalen after.”

“Here, or nearby,” Jason suggested.

“Agreed,” Jack said, brushing a hand down his trousers.  “Time to take a leak.”

“Me, too,” Daniel replied.

“I’ll watch the drinks,” Jason said, watching them go.

The bathroom was situated behind the stairs and Jack and Daniel wove their way through.  As Daniel followed, he couldn’t help but grin his head off at the very interested looks and flirtatious offers Jack received.  Once inside the men’s room, he slapped Jack on the ass.  “Never, ever, complain to me about age, Casanova.”

Jack grinned and said nothing as they relieved themselves.  Washing up, Jack gestured with a nod of his head, referring to the back of the stage.  “Why don’t you go see what Jalen’s up to.  He’ll need to be informed on the plan.”

“And if he’s in the middle of someone?”

Jack sniggered, loving the phrasing.  “Nice.”

“I thought so.”

“Tell him the plan anyway,” he said with an evil smile as they exited the men’s room.

“So, explain to me why I’m doing this instead of you?”

Jack gave him a smoldering, sexy look.  “I’ll make it up to you.”

“Yes, you will.”

When Jack moved straight ahead, back to the bar, Daniel turned right, heading down the hallway that he hoped led to the dressing rooms, or whatever the club provided for their entertainers.  As he walked, he did so slowly, wishing he’d just told Jack to talk to Jalen himself.  Part of him wanted to go back, to tell Jack and Jason that he didn’t have the balls to interrupt Jalen, but a bigger part hated the cowardice of it.  He could do this, face his own demons–i.e., the unwanted attraction he’d been trying to deny.

All too quickly, he reached a door on the right that had a glittering gold star glued on the front.  It made the butterflies in his stomach churn faster, but Daniel knocked anyway.


“It’s Daniel.”

Surprising him, Jalen threw open the door and greeted Daniel with a huge smile and a storm of ebullient energy.

“Did you see that?” he asked, in a crazed but happy glow.

“I saw,” Daniel smiled, and was further surprised–and aroused–when Jalen grabbed his arm and pulled him inside the small room, shutting the door quickly.

“Was that fucking cool or what?” Jalen said ecstatically.

“Yeah, you did good.”

“No, no,” Jalen said, then looked abashed.  “I mean, yeah, and thanks, but no, I mean, did you see that reaction?”

“Yeah, I did, it was great.”

“Great?” He went back to the requisite make-up vanity and picked up the hairdryer he’d been using and resumed the drying of his jeans.  “That was fucking fantastic!  I haven’t felt that alive in years!  Goddammit, what a rush!  Camulus is still beside himself.”

It was only then that Daniel realized that Jalen wore nothing but a blue towel around his waist.  His hair was still damp and strands of it clung to his muscled back in such a way that Daniel had to look away, preferring to find the vanity a little more interesting.  But he couldn’t concentrate; he was confronted with the full force of Jalen’s emotional energy.

Despite his internal warnings, Daniel refused to put up the wall, telling himself he could handle it, no problem.  But the insecure voice inside told him he wasn’t doing this to test his empathic ability.  He wanted to know what Jalen felt, wanted to feel him.  It was pure ego validation and nothing more.

“What’s up?” Jalen asked, bobbing his head to the muted music outside as he ran the hairdryer over his pants.  “Where’s Jason and Jack?”

“At the bar, waiting.  We’re… gonna disappear in back for a while.”

Jalen raised his brows.  “Oh yeah?”

“And we’ll meet you at the end of bar after.”

Jalen’s smile brightened.  “I’ve a few hours or so to myself then?”

Daniel shrugged, taking a step backward toward the door.  “Don’t know about a few hours, but yeah.”

Jalen suddenly set down the hairdryer and quickly walked over, grabbing him by the shoulders.  “God, you really have no idea how much this means to me.  To be able to do something normal!” He pulled Daniel into a fierce hug, lowering his voice slightly as he said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Daniel said, a little embarrassed and trying very much not to feel Jalen’s cock underneath the towel.  “I figured you needed some of that normality.  And, you know, it wasn’t just the selfishness in wanting you out of the way tomorrow.”

“I get it, Daniel,” he said, pulling back just enough to look at him.  “Just thanks so fucking much.” Then he kissed him.

It was meant to be quick but it lasted a second longer than it should have.  When Jalen realized what he was doing, he froze at the same time Daniel did.  Parting slowly, Jalen didn’t say anything.  And he didn’t let go of him.  He just looked into Daniel’s eyes, his pupils dilating, then looked down at Daniel’s mouth.  His own worked silently, unable to find the words to apologize.

Daniel didn’t step away, even though the responsible part of him was screaming at him to move back, get away, mumble some sort of excuse and leave.  But the curiosity he’d been feeling combined with the strange need for validation and he found he didn’t want to move.

“I…” Jalen finally began.  “I… shouldn’t have done that.” But Daniel wasn’t moving, resisting, or punching him in the jaw, so Jalen decided to take a chance.  He leaned in, very slowly.

“No, we…” Daniel started, but by the time he’d formed the remaining words in his mind, he let them fade as Jalen just barely touched his lips, then backed off a little.  Daniel’s heart started to pound, his breath started to shorten, and all the thrill of the forbidden filled his senses, hardening his nipples and filling his cock.  Jalen was staring into his eyes, looking at his lips, getting that sexy ‘fuck me’ look on his face–the same one that Jason got.  The very same one.

Then Jalen sighed and tightened his arms around him as he kissed him for real, mouth opening, tongue diving into his mouth.  Daniel stumbled backward, hitting the wall, taking Jalen with him, loving the taste of him, wanting to feel him.  And as Daniel reached down, prepared to take hold of Jalen’s cock, and felt the searching, teasing touch of the man’s hand as he reached for his own…

Reality crash-landed on them both at the same time and Daniel felt the surge of guilt coming from Jalen as they broke apart, gasping.

“I’m sorry,” Jalen said, shaking his head and wiping his mouth.  “I shouldn’t, I’m… shit, Daniel, I didn’t mean, I mean, I didn’t know I…” He turned away then, hand over his forehead as he moved to the vanity and leaned on his free hand.

Daniel swallowed and walked forward, reaching out to touch Jalen’s shoulder.  “I shouldn’t want you, but I guess I do.  I wouldn’t have six months ago.  Or four months ago.  But it’s different now.” He withdrew his hand, swallowing again.  “Maybe it’s my empathy, I don’t know.  All I do know is that sometimes, you look and smell and act like he does.  Sometimes, I just want to know, except…”

“It’s wrong,” Jalen finished, not turning to look at him.

“Not what I was going to say,” Daniel said, telling himself not to touch the man again.

“But it is, anyway.”

“I’d have to… ask Jason for permission.” He watched the side of Jalen’s face wrinkle into a grin and it made him grin back.

“He’d never allow it.”

“No, probably not.”

“Are you going to tell him?” Jalen asked, still not turning.

Daniel looked at his face through the mirror instead and finally, Jalen looked up from his focus on the table top.  “I have to.  Secrets are no good, Jalen.”

“Then… wait till we’re no longer together, Daniel.  After I’ve been established at Bel’alat, okay?”

“That won’t change anything.  He might just be madder that we waited.”

“He’s only just now starting to be a real brother.  If he finds out after I’m settled elsewhere, when we won’t see each other for a while, then maybe…”

“Time will pass and anger will fade?” Daniel finished, not believing it.

Jalen nodded, grimacing.  “I shouldn’t have indulged myself, Daniel, I’m sorry.”

Daniel was suddenly filled with the need to protect the man, and he seriously considered taking the blame, to tell Jason that he’d been the one to instigate things.  Problem was, that’d be another lie.  Half-lie, anyway.  “It took two, Jalen.”

“Doesn’t make it right, even if…” He finally turned to Daniel, lifting his hand to reach out for him, but he dropped it just as quickly.

Daniel felt himself responding, wanting to be touched.  Instead he walked backward again.  “I’ll wait.  But not too long, Jalen.  Jason’s very smart.  And he’s also picked up a rather interesting little ability.”

Jalen winced.  “I know.  So holding off may not do me any good.” He approached him, giving Daniel a ‘trust me’ look, then took him in his arms and hugged him, just hugged him, then let him go, backing away to the table.

Daniel opened the door, just nodding to him, saying nothing and everything.  He thought he’d leave that way, but Jalen had a few more words.


Daniel looked over at him, afraid to hear what the man would say.  “What?”

Jalen opened his mouth to tell Daniel he wasn’t really sorry, just sorry that it wasn’t right.  But instead, he said, “I’m gonna do one more song.”

Daniel lifted his brows, relieved.  “Then why are you drying your jeans?”

Jalen smiled.  “Because getting wet is part of the fun.”

Daniel smiled back, then looked at him apologetically.  “We probably won’t see it, Jalen.”

“That’s okay,” Jalen shrugged, turning away from him.  “It’s not like I can see who’s watching me, anyway.”

Daniel took the meaning.  Jalen did this for himself, no one else.  “Knock ’em dead, Jalen.”

“I will.  And thanks.”

With a nod, Daniel left the room and went back toward the bar, walking faster than he realized till he damn near ran into the stairs’ support bracing.  Taking a deep breath, he walked around it and headed for his lovers.


When the knock came to his door again, Jalen went over and yanked it open.  “Daniel, I’m…”

It wasn’t Daniel but a handsome young man with light brown eyes and hair, low-rise jeans, no shirt, and very nice pecs.  He reminded Jalen of someone at the SGC, but he couldn’t pinpoint who.  What was his name?  It didn’t matter.

“I’m not Daniel,” the young man said.

“No, you’re not,” Jalen smiled, pulling the man inside and shutting the door.  “So, who are you?”

“Evan,” the man answered.

“What can I do for you, Evan?” Jalen asked, having an idea.

“I, um, just wanted to, um, say that you, um, looked really, really, really good out there.” Then Evan blushed from his hair to his nipples.

Jalen’s curious smile abruptly turned predatory.  Long experience combined with Camulus’ knowledge told him that this pretty young thing was a virgin.  “Oh my god, you’re delicious.”

“What?” Evan half-laughed as a blush filled his cheeks.

Jalen reached around the man’s waist while his other hand was busy undoing his jeans.  “And I’m going to fuck you.  Right here, right now.” All too quickly, he had the man’s jeans halfway down and one hand wrapped around his cock.  “Say yes.”

The blush deepened and Evan breathed a soft, “Yes.”

Grinning with victory, Jalen threw off his towel and grabbed Evan’s ass with both hands, then picked him up and brought him down to the floor.  “Get those pants off,” he said, reaching for the lube on the table top over his head.  As soon as Evan was free, Jalen bent over him, one hand reaching between them.  “Raise your knees, baby, and when I’m through, wrap those gorgeous legs around me.”

Evan panted and clawed through Jalen’s preparation, moaning through the deep, hard kisses, and it was all Jalen could do to keep from entering him unready.  Finally finished, he lifted Evan’s legs over his shoulders and groaned as his cock bobbed with anticipation.

“Wait, I thought you said…” Evan began but Jalen placed his hand gently over Evan’s mouth and kissed him between his brows.

“Shh, this first,” he said, staring pointedly into his eyes.  “Trust me.” Evan swallowed and nodded, and Jalen could feel the pre-come pulse from his cock as he lined up.  “Now, look into my eyes, watch me.” When Evan didn’t look away, Jalen pressed his cockhead against the puckered opening.  “Bear down, baby.  It’ll burn for a minute, but it’ll get better, I promise.”

The moment he pushed, Evan arched back, mouth opening wide under Jalen’s fingers.  It was what he’d waited for and Jalen slipped his index and middle finger inside, grimacing at the expected bite.  It was wonderful and precisely what he wanted as the pain forced him to thrust harder, quicker, getting Evan used to his cock all the faster.  Jalen knew the moment it happened, when Evan stopped biting and started sucking.  With enthusiasm.


“Deliver the message?” Jack asked as they approached, redirecting him to the hallway that ran behind the bar, into the section of the building meant for sex.

“Yeah.  And he’s gonna do another song.”

“Yeah?” Jason asked, surprised.  “When?”

“I don’t know.  He was drying his jeans when I dropped in on him, wanting to get wet all over again.”

“I know the feeling,” Jack said as they proceeded down the hall.

Daniel couldn’t help but snicker as they continued down the corridor, then turned right, down a hall that ran at a 45-degree angle.  They came to another hall just like it and figured that the center room Carl told them about must’ve been situated like a diamond.

“Here,” Daniel said, spying the door with #4 on it.  Going inside and locking the door behind them, the room they found was a surprise.  It was painted entirely in black, including the floor, and the entire forward wall was a darkened window.  Like a showroom.  Instead of a bed, there was a padded, rectangular table and a single, equally-padded chair.  The table was no more than a meter high and sat in the middle of the small room; the chair was stationed beyond it, before the window, like a single-seat theatre.  To their right was a low-placed shelf holding a large, red plastic bowl filled with tiny bottles of lube and packages of condoms.

Jason snorted.  “All the comforts.”

“Necessity breeds invention,” Jack snickered as he walked over to the right of the window to check out a small electrical panel.  The lights for the room.  He grinned at Daniel and Jason as he pointed at it.  “Carl was on the level.  One-way seems to be the default position.  There’s a button for two-way.”

“You thought he was lying?” Daniel asked as he pressed down on the table, checking the weight-bearing ability.

“Just prepared, that’s all,” Jack answered.

As Jason pulled off his boots, he eyed Daniel’s face carefully.  He knew his man, knew the color of his skin under all circumstances.  And something was… different.  When Daniel turned to look at him, a seductive smile spreading over his face, Jason padded over and reached up to lift Daniel’s chin with two fingers.  He knew what the slightly reddened skin meant.  Question was, just who had been the mustached bandit that had kissed him?  And why was it inciting jealousy?  Jason didn’t really care at the moment.  He only knew that he was getting aroused by the idea of some stranger kissing Daniel.  It filled him with the irrational need to possess.

“What’ve you been up to?” he asked, leaning in to kiss him briefly.

Jack turned away from his fascination with the window controls and narrowed his eyes when he caught what Jason had.  “Can’t leave you alone for a minute, can we?”

“It wasn’t my idea,” Daniel said, laughing nervously, guiltily, launching immediately into an act that said, “Can you blame me?” as he tried to back away from his lovers but found himself trapped on the table instead.  Not an unpleasant situation by any means.

Daniel tried to keep himself sitting up but Jason leaned over him, smiling while he slid his hand over his lover’s groin, palming his erection.  “Jack, we’ve got something here.”

“Evidence?” Jack asked, joining his hand with Jason’s.

Daniel’s eyes half-lidded as he swallowed and involuntarily lifted his hips.  “Don’t be mad,” he breathed.  Inside, he felt a thrill similar to the one he’d felt with Jalen.  That of being found out.  And while that wasn’t the case here, he could pretend.  After all, it was what a lot of their role play was based on.  Jealousy and possession.  Was that what his whole validation nonsense was about?  A need to be possessed?

Jason started to smile but it faded when he detected that Daniel wasn’t kidding.  There was real guilt there.  And need, for him, for Jack.  But to do what?  Punish him for being kissed?  No, it wasn’t about masochism but submission, and the desire to be owned.  Except none of that made sense unless Daniel needed a reaffirmation.  But why would he need that?  Daniel knew he loved him.  Didn’t he?

Jason closed his eyes, knowing what was going on.  What did someone do if they needed to feel desired?  They put out the signals that said they wanted attention.  Daniel might not have intended to take down the ‘keep away’ signals, but he had, and he may not have kissed anyone deliberately, but the guilt Jason sensed said that he’d enjoyed the attention.  Plus, the pink burn of his skin said he’d returned it.

And now, he was acting it out, playing it up.  He didn’t want to talk about it, didn’t want to turn it serious, because it had meant nothing.  And yet, it had meant everything.  The answer was simple:  Daniel was unhappy.

“Jace, what’s wrong?” Jack asked.

Jason snapped out of his thoughts and found Daniel staring up at him with worry.  Clearing his throat, he shook his head and smiled as he felt Daniel’s erection through his jeans.  “Just thinking of ways to remind Daniel that he’s ours.” It wasn’t a complete lie, but he knew Daniel would pick up on it anyway.  Letting him go, Jason stared down at him, willing Daniel not to say anything as he pulled off his T-shirt and threw it to the floor, then began to unbutton his jeans.  “You know I love you, right?” he asked.

“I…” Daniel started, a flush rising to his cheeks.  And Jason didn’t miss the grateful look in his eyes.  “I know.”

“But you think I don’t want you,” Jason told him, shoving his jeans down along with his briefs.  He looked into Jack’s eyes, implying he do the same.  “We need to show him just how much.”

Jack knew something was going on, and he’d find out what later.  Right now, he intended to take advantage of the game Jason and Daniel seemed to be playing.  After all, it had been a while since they’d done some serious double-duty on Daniel.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had him like this.” Looking down at Daniel, watching him blush with intense arousal, Jack stripped off his clothes with angry, impatient gestures, as if he couldn’t wait, and the truth wasn’t that far off.  Turning to the shelf, he grabbed a handful of the tiny bottles of lube.  Some of them said, “warming liquid” and he smiled.  “Want this to burn in a nice way?” he asked as he pried off a cap and raised the bottle over Daniel’s groin.

Daniel swallowed again and quickly toed off his shoes as he pulled open his jeans and shoved them along with his briefs over his hips and down his thighs.  Jason grabbed them and yanked them down and off, throwing them to the floor to lie on top of his own.

Just as Jack aimed the lube, Jason struck out his hand and grabbed his wrist, stopping him.  “I really want to torture him first.  Save the heat for after.”

Jack smiled as several ideas found their way into his lizard brain, and he gave Jason such a look of focused lust that Jason slowly let go of his wrist.  “Get between his legs, Jason.  Remind him what you can do.”

“But we should both–“

“We are,” Jack said as he grabbed Jason around the waist and yanked him backward against him.  Staring down at Daniel, he whispered into Jason’s ear, “One of the things he loves is to watch both of us.”

Daniel’s mouth dropped open as he felt the lust come from them like a heatwave.  As they stood there, staring at him, Daniel took advantage of the interruption and pulled off his shirt, then turned so his spread legs could drop off the sides of the table.  “Jason,” he said, his hand pushing at Jason’s hip.  “End of the table, Jason.”

Jack smiled knowingly and took hold of Jason’s hips, guiding him between Daniel’s legs.

“And you?” Jason asked.

“I think you need a little reminder, too.”

“Don’t I get a kiss first?” Jason asked playfully.

Daniel laughed softly.  “He wants a kiss, Jack.”

“I’ll give him more than a kiss,” Jack answered, grabbing the back of Jason’s neck and pulling him in for a deep kiss.  When he let him go and turned Jason away from him, pushing him down over Daniel’s lower body, he turned his gaze upward to meet those blue, expressive eyes.  “What will you do?”

“Receive,” Daniel breathed, threading his hands through Jason’s hair.

“God,” Jason moaned as he took Daniel in his hands, caressing from thigh to chest while he nuzzled his abdomen and pubic hair.

Keeping his eyes locked on Daniel’s, Jack placed the closed end of the tube of lubrication between his teeth while his hands moved to rediscover Jason’s body.  One corner of Daniel’s mouth turned up with delight and Jack smiled around the tube as he slid his hands up and down Jason’s back, over his ass and down his thighs, indulging in the warmth of his skin and firmness of his muscle.  When he reached back up and grabbed his ass, he pried apart his cheeks, then dropped his head down, eyes momentarily still on Daniel’s before he looked down and aimed, biting down on the tube and squirting the lube messily between the crack of Jason’s ass.

Daniel bit his lip, loving it, and loving even more Jason’s reaction, who tightened his fingers around Daniel’s waist and started to metaphorically devour him.  “Leave me intact,” he chuckled, combing his fingers through the thick, black hair.

“I’ll try, but you taste so good,” Jason replied as he reacquainted himself with taste, smell, and texture.  “God, I missed you,” and he bit down on Daniel’s abdomen, making him flinch.  He was intoxicated by him, warmed all over by the lust thickening his cock and tightening his balls, but when the real warming ran down his ass, Jason knew what was coming and reached around with one hand, grabbing Jack’s hip.  “I missed you, too.”

“Missed what?” Jack teased as he positioned his cockhead and deliberately rubbed the lube over the puckered opening, spreading the spicy liquid around so that they both felt the heat long before the deeper pleasure started.

“Missed you,” Jason said between kisses and sucks.

“You’re missing something,” Jack joked, and was about to tell Daniel to move back, but he was already doing so.

Given where Jason was, and the position Jack had him in, Daniel knew Jason couldn’t reach his cock, not without bending–and bending would obstruct his view and he couldn’t have that.  Pushing backward, he moved a few inches until his cock was in Jason’s face.

Jason had his eyes closed, but smiled and lowered his head, tongue searching like a snake.  “I know that smell,” he mumbled, hitting his nose against the shaft.  “Mmm, found you,” he said.

“Just what I said,” Jack replied and pushed slowly inside.

“Yes,” Jason gasped, eyes wide at first as he raised his head, then they rolled back with pleasure as he opened himself up.

“God, I love you when you do that,” Daniel said, grabbing Jason’s face in both hands, meaning every word.  He loved the way Jason just gave himself to him, the way he rolled up his eyes whenever Jack entered him, and the way he squeezed them shut soon after.

“Daniel,” Jason breathed, squeezing his eyes shut.

“Yes,” Daniel whispered, tightening a hand in Jason’s hair as he dropped down to nuzzle his cock, licking and kissing with special attention while his free hand moved from Jack’s hip to his thigh, keeping a greedy hold.

“Fuck me, Jack,” Jason groaned, then gasped with satisfaction when Jack pulled back and thrust, beginning a slow rhythm that only made Jason hungry.  And under his lips was a feast.  “Taste you, eat you, make you come,” he said before swallowing Daniel’s cock.

Daniel flung out his right arm, hand gripping the side of the table for balance so he could keep himself propped up to watch.  One hand still in Jason’s hair, he lifted up and gently thrust into his mouth, loving the feel of his eager tongue.  “I missed that.”

Pulling back, Jack thrust home with a hard snap of his hips, dislodging Jason from Daniel’s cock.  “Fuck his mouth,” he said softly, haltingly, as a flush rose to his chest.  Jason felt so good and Daniel looked so beautiful, and he suddenly wanted them both.  But he had Jason now, and there was plenty of time so he returned to his achingly slow rhythm, his gaze indulging in voyeuristic thrill.

“Yes,” Daniel agreed, just as Jason mumbled around his dick, releasing a sound enjoyment as he looked up into his eyes.  Daniel chuckled and tugged playfully with Jason’s hair.  “Listen to you.  Slut.” Jason gave him a long yummy sound and Daniel chuckled again as he looked up at Jack.

“All yours, you know,” Jack told him, hinting at just a bit of seriousness.

Jason moaned with agreement, but as he did, part of him paid attention to Jack’s words and made him realize that Jack knew, too.  Finding out how would come later, he hoped, and for now, nothing mattered but the bodies he held at either end, both thrusting inside him, reminding him where he belonged.  And hopefully, reminding Daniel.

“Oh god,” Daniel choked as he turned his head toward the glass–and realized that the room beyond it was no longer empty.  The glass might be tinted and its controls might remove it at the touch of a button, but he could still see what was going on.  In the center room was couple fucking, both on their knees.  Daniel’s gaze flickered upward, finding that Jack too looked through the dimmed glass.  “Can you see?”


“Good, ’cause I don’t want you…” Daniel started to say, but Jason diverted his attention, making him gasp.  “That’s it, Jason, god, that’s it.” Pleasure rushed up and down his spine before centering in his balls, tightening them, drawing them up.  Meeting Jack’s eyes again, he wondered what he was thinking, but when Jack leaned over Jason’s back, one hand on his hip, the other on his shoulder, Daniel knew he didn’t need to wonder.  “Rough, Jason?” he asked, pulling Jason off his cock, holding his head in his hands.

“Yes,” Jason panted, turning his head to bite at Daniel’s hand.

“Want it bad?” Daniel asked, fascinated and turned on as Jason sucked in two of his fingers.  Taking over, Daniel began to move them in and out, copying Jack’s rhythm.

As Jason moaned assent, Jack snapped his hips and forced Jason to turn his head quickly, spitting out Daniel’s fingers so he wouldn’t hurt him as he inevitably bit down.  The pleasure was that exquisite and he grimaced and grabbed hold of Daniel’s hips, burying his face onto his lover’s sweaty skin.

“Oh god,” he croaked, again and again, as Jack nailed him hard.

“Yes,” Jack gasped, his hold on Jason leaving red finger marks as he quickened his pace.  Feeling his pleasure climb rapidly, he locked his gaze once more on Daniel’s and when Daniel smiled and bit his lip, it was the last remaining push.  Jack copied him, biting his lip and moaning as his orgasm swarmed over him.

“Yes,” Daniel echoed, and quickly reached down to grab hold of Jason’s cock.  Swiftly pumping him with tight strokes designed to pull the orgasm from Jason’s body, he gasped when Jason pushed up and did the same.

“Come for me,” Jason gasped.

“You first,” Daniel gasped back, his smile becoming a grimace as Jason led him toward the edge.  Their hands were a blur, pleasure accented by the jarring thrusts Jack made as he snapped his hips with each release.  Then Jason cried out, his rhythm interrupted as his climax ripped through him, coating Daniel’s fingers.

Daniel opened his mind then, allowing himself to feel the pleasure from his lovers, and with Jason’s hand wrapped tightly around his cock, squeezing him, that was all it took.  He fell back and pumped his hips madly, driving his cock through Jason’s fist, squeezing his eyes shut as he shot spurts of come onto his belly.

“Jesus,” Jack mumbled as he reached down to touch his lovers with both hands, creating connection.

“Amen,” Jason said, turning his body enough so he could pull Jack down for a kiss.

Daniel watched them for a second before he needed to feel their deliberate touch.  Sitting up, he leaned in and kissed the sides of their mouths, their jawlines.

“Somebody wants some attention,” Jack said, breaking off, giving Daniel a predatory look.

“I think so,” Jason agreed, palming Daniel’s cheek.

“Well, let’s go,” Jack said, backing off, bringing Jason with him, but as one, they reached out and grabbed Daniel’s hands, taking him with them as they dropped to their knees.

“I don’t need–” Daniel began, but he was silenced as they sandwiched him, their hands on both sides of his face as they took turns kissing him.  Pleasure and warmth filled him as their hands surrounded him with caresses, reminding him that he didn’t need to question anything.  At that moment, Daniel wondered if they’d guessed his thoughts, or was it just another example of their cuddling after sex?  His mind was still open to them and he sensed no worry, only confidence and love.  If they’d discerned his rare insecurity, they hid it from him very well.  But as they brought him to arousal again, though his cock was only slightly stiffened, Daniel decided that it really didn’t matter.

Cont. in Trilogy 8

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