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Series Summary:

These are short stories that are attached to other series, or are Episode Tags.  The latter is different than Intervals and Betwixt because the Episode Tags can be Missing Scenes or just some vignette extension to an episode.

Snap Shots 1:  It All Started With a Shower
This is another viewpoint, by Daniel, on the shower scene of the Trinity Universe’s beginning series, Visits.

Snap Shots 2:  Shiny Objects
This is another short off the Trinity Universe, featuring two pivotal OCs (original characters), Adriann and his sister Talen.  Without having to read who they are, they’re telepathic vampires.

Snap Shots 3:  Memory Test
Episode Tag for season 7’s Homecoming.  Two weeks after, Daniel still hasn’t gotten his major memories recovered.  Jack is sick of waiting for him to remember their relationship.

Additions to the series are dependent, as always, on the plot bunnies who come for a visit.

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