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Pyramid Series Chapter Plans

Pyramid series plans.
The first 3 series chapters are Jack POV, Daniel POV, Jason POV, then omniscient voice in the rest of the 7 chapters.  Each Chapter will have multiple chapters of their own, as Pyramid 1 has had.
The plan is as follows:

Pyramid 1: The An Croi

Jack POV
Intro of ship gifted by Morrighan.
Rescue mission that turns out to be a search for materials such as crystals and cloaking tech is made worse by a psycho Seti Ptah and his cybernetic Jaffa.

Pyramid 2: The Abyssinian Cure

Daniel POV
SG-1 officially becomes an 8-man Team.
Its members are:
Colonel Jack O’Neill, Team Leader
Lieutenant Colonel Jason Coburn, Co-Team Leader
Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter, Executive Officer and Science Officer
Master Jaffa Teal’c, Security Officer and Liaison Officer of the Free Jaffa
Major Alex Wagner, Second Executive Officer, Second Security
Captain Al (Albert) Kaufman, Historical Officer
Sergeant First Class Connor McCaffrey, Weapons Officer
Doctor Daniel Jackson, Archaeologist, Anthropologist, & Philologist
While on Abydos, visiting Skaara (and to show off the new ship), Jason is bitten by an insect that causes fever and delusions and eventual death.  Doctor Janet Fraiser is sent for and she oversees his infection while the others try to find the cure.
Jason needs blood from a relative mixed with specific herbs.  The 1st person who could have cured him was his grandfather, who is now dead. Jalen is sent for but the transfusion doesn’t work.  The only other option is to find the cure from someone else who has already had the infection and was cured.
Kasuf says that the only other person he has heard of who was infected was the System Lord Bastet, whose sarcophagus healed her.  Will she deal?
Sub-plot: The person who they need to seek out for help with Bastet is Egeria, the Tok’ra queen masquerading as a minor Lord name Anat. She rejected the removal of her post to join her Tok’ra children and has remained as Bastet’s loyal minion—in hopes of turning Bastet against her own kind. Naturally, the only person Egeria will take with her to meet with Bastet is Daniel.  Can he haggle with her for the cure?

Pyramid 3: The Call of Andromeda

Jason POV
Adriann receives a piece of a message via their communication array (left behind by the Ancients). It tells him that many of his people who fled the plague that devastated Var’chol’si ended up in the Andromeda galaxy. He decides to take the trip there. But he needs a ship that will be powerful enough to last the journey. But who has that technology? The Fey. So guess who he asks to serve as a mediator in dealing with Morrighan?

Pyramid 4: The Epsilon Virus

An engineered alien virus is sweeping the SGC.  Its main symptom is “targeted, localized amnesia.”  The memories aren’t wiped.  They’re blocked.  Different parts of the memory centers are affected.  Some lose their identity and some memories created over a period of time, from 5 years to 10.

Pyramid 5:  The Omega Project

SG-1 is chosen to oversee the search for a planet suitable for colonization in the Othalla galaxy, the same one where the Asgard live.  The problems that entails are numerous, but they’re given 2 years to find the right planet, and the Asgard have given them a list of Solar Systems to check.  One Caveat:  They may NOT choose a planet already inhabited by other humanoids–even if they’re primitives.

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