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It’s insane, Stargate SG-1.  I both love and hate it.  I damn near stopped watching it after the 1st episode, thanks to episodes like Emancipation and First Commandment.  Then there were a few Great eps, then a couple of stupid ones, boring ones, then back to Great.  The further I watched, I was relieved and stuck with it.

BUT I found that the writers had no fucking idea how to write women characters.  Children of the Gods was bad enough with the sexism at play.  But it was the late 90s and many men were much more stupid then.  TV had great writers like J. Michael Straczynski and Joss Whedon who didn’t have their heads up their asses.  I just wish Stargate SG-1 had had the same talent.  Still, even great writers have stupid moments and make stupid decisions.  Killing off a Fan Favorite character, for example.  The phrase, “What were they thinking?” doesn’t even cover it.

While the Stargate SG-1 show runners didn’t create Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson, they improved upon them, and then created a few more great characters like Teal’c, Sam Carter, Hammond, Fraiser, and others.  Thing was, there were too damn many Producers getting in the way of telling good stories.  They didn’t have a good group of writers, either.  They had a steno pool.  That doesn’t make for consistent storytelling.  AND there was the little problem of fans getting in the way.  Many of us created Slash, and the homophobes in charge didn’t like that one bit.  When they went one way, thinking that a man and woman couldn’t work together without romance getting in the way, we Slashers decided, “Yeah, okay.  How about it’s two guys or two gals?  What do you think of that?”

As a result, the Powers That Be went apeshit.  There were good stories told badly by inserting ‘Ship into it.  When that didn’t happen, it seemed clear that they were half-assing it, not treating the characters and storylines seriously.  When that crap happens, mistakes are made and they’re permanent.

There’re a few impediments to get through as a fan.

  1. First, there’s getting around the dumbass who got the pass for writing the episode.
  2. Then you have to get around the dipshit who got the pass for directing it.
  3. OR there’s the writer who has a great story & producers/directors who cock it all up beyond recognition.  The writer still gets the credit(blame), and only during conventions (and now, Social Media) do you get the real story & know who to properly bitch at.
  4. After the first few seasons, the source material changed.  They clearly didn’t know what they were doing.

That leaves fan fiction writers to fix it.  We have to work with what we got IF we want to follow canon.  If we don’t, we go Alternate Universe, which is a nice way of saying “We writers went off on our own and changed things.”  It’s not always good, or even great, but we love the characters, the general setting, many backgrounds, and we run with it.

Episode Tags are a great idea.  There’s a plethora of material to work from.  All kinds of possibilities.  Angles you didn’t think about in other short stories and we’ve got a big old canvas to work with and can try other ideas.

Unfortunately, we have to fix the stupid shit.  As a Slash writer, the stupid shit is usually this invented and wholly unbelievable Jack/Sam.  As a veteran, it’s stupid.  They’re violating regs.  But it’s also fiction, so we’re supposed to run with it?  Horsecrap.  I tried and tried, but by the end of season 4, I couldn’t see it.  But I’m stuck with what I see, unless I write around it myself.  Sometimes, in my arrogance, I think I could’ve done better.  Hardy har har.

BUT.  I love my J/D.  And here we are.  And here I am with another canon series to get through.  The big draw for me, however, is not short stories.  Just vignettes or scene bits, less than 1,500 words.  And I think it’ll work better than my other canon series, Intervals, which you can find here or on Archive of Our Own.

I’ve only published 6 chapters of MICROS, and I’m working on more.  I hope I get some great ideas to explain away or flatly ignore the stupid.  Wish me luck.


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writer, artist, veteran, and progressive pain in the asset.

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writer, artist, veteran, and progressive pain in the asset.

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