I didn’t realize that “A Journal Entry” wasn’t on AO3.  So without further ado:

A Journal Entry

Mature | Jack/Daniel | Daniel 1st person POV | Post-Series
Summary: Daniel’s jotting down some thoughts in his journal about the definition of epiphany and why it came about.

Author Note: This 1st person POV is unusual for me.  I don’t read them, not in fanfic.  The voices are rarely right.  I’ve attempted this myself only once before and didn’t succeed all that well.  But I decided to give it another try, that perhaps going at it from a journal perspective might work better.  At least that’s what the muse decided when she threw this bunny at my head.  Thanks to my betas who helped with that.  *I forgot this wasn’t on AO3.  Now it is, if you feel like commenting or leaving Kudos.