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Lost city


SET-UP: Missing Scenes, Post-episode scenes.  This is an Alternate Universe (Janet isn’t dead).  In this storyline, Janet was offworld at the same time that SG-1 was investigating the possible site for an Ancients Database.  When they return, they find that she’s injured and occupying a bed in her own infirmary.  Doctor William Warner has stepped in to take over until she can resume her duties.

RECAP OF LOST CITY:  Daniel is going through an emotional stress test because Jack downloaded the Ancients database into his head rather than risk the Goa’uld getting their hands on the information.  They can’t reach the Asgard.  After defending Earth with the knowledge in Jack’s mind, they put him in suspended animation in one of the cells found in Antarctica.



Jack saw the intense look in Daniel’s eyes as they sat amongst the cargo boxes waiting for Jack’s Ancient side to tell him what to do.

Gently but firmly, keeping his voice low, he said, “Daniel, I’m sorry.  I’m really, really sorry.  I don’t wanna talk about it.  I know what you’ll say.  You know what I’ll say.  Besides, we’re not alone.  Either of them will walk right in and I don’t want them overhearing any of it.  It’s personal.  It’s private.  And we can say a lot to each other without uttering a single word.”

Daniel nodded.  “I know.  But . . .”

“Yes.  I know.”  Jack cleared his throat and leaned forward perhaps an inch and whisper-mouthed, “I love you.  Always will.”

Daniel’s eyes burned as he fought back the tears he felt rushing forward.  He mouthed back, “I love you, too.”

“Now, that’s that.  No more,” Jack said, and his own eyes glistened for half a minute before he sniffed them back and returned to his usual stoic expression.  He could see Daniel’s unspoken emotion in his eyes.  He knew that Daniel recognized the tightly-controlled fear and dread.  Jack didn’t want to die, but as ways went, this one wasn’t too bad.  He only hoped that he went out with a flashy style.  He doubted it, but he could hope.

Daniel wanted to say more.  He could tell.  He resisted asking.

Daniel tried a half-smile then looked at the floor.  He kept doing it because he was growing angry with the woulda-shoulda-coulda’s.  He should’ve shoved Jack aside and gone for the knowledge instead.  He hated that he hadn’t done it.  Now he had to watch Jack deteriorate.  Soon he wouldn’t know who he was.  And that was going to hurt.

Jack didn’t remember that moment at the ‘gate ramp before he went through to the homeworld of the Asgard—although they had no idea where he was going.  When Daniel met him at the top of the ramp.  There had been so much he’d wanted to say but couldn’t.  Jack hadn’t been able to speak to him but there’d been recognition in his eyes.  Would he see it again before Jack collapsed?

Daniel fought off the tears.

“What?” Jack asked.

“I would’ve done it, you know.”  Taken the knowledge.

“I know.”

“I mean there has to be a way to reverse the effects.  Once we have what we need.”  Jack gave him a dubious look.  “We’ll find a way.”

Sam entered the room then, putting a stop to the non-talk.  Daniel pressed his lips together as if to keep himself from saying something Jack told him not to say.  At that moment, he hated Jack for that proscription.  All he wanted was for Jack to act like he did when they were home, but Sam and Teal’c made him severe in his circumspection.  Even though they knew.  For a minute, Daniel hated Sam too.  He was about to say something when she asked Jack how he was feeling.  And he answered in broken English and Ancient.  Then got up to fix the engine so it would go faster.

And that had been that.

Daniel had to button himself up.  He could do it.  He’d been doing it all his life.

But this was Jack.  And he loved him.  And he couldn’t do a goddamn thing to help him.

Daniel was going to lose him.  His eyes teared up on the way to the engine room.

. .

Daniel stared at Jack through tear-hot eyes as he said goodbye in Ancient.  He couldn’t let them fall.  It smacked of giving up and that he flatly refused to do.  He’d find a way even if he had to make enemies of everyone he knew and for those he didn’t know yet.  He’d get offworld somehow.  He still had that laser signal that belonged to Omak, used when they’d sent a message to the Nox six year ago.  He just had to get it working again.

. . . .



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