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Daniel grimaced as he took the few steps down to reach the corridor that led to the SGC/NORAD parking lot within the mountain.  His head felt as if it were on fire, which was apropos because his leg was on fire.  The goddamn bullet wound stung like a bitch.  By the time he exited the corridor that emptied into the lot, he was pulling out his phone to call a cab.  He should’ve accepted that he couldn’t drive.

What had he been thinking?

He would’ve asked Jack to take him home but he couldn’t find the wretched man.  He stared down at the concrete floor then closed his eyes and sighed.  Sometimes, stubbornness was a royal pain in the ass, for both of them.

When he turned the corner of the row closest to the elevator, he saw Jack leaning against his truck—parked next to his car.  Daniel squinted at him as a smile began to form.

“Please don’t tell me that you’ve been anticipating my need to get someone to drive me home.”

“Okay, I won’t tell you,” Jack smirked back.  “C’mon.  I’m driving you to my place.  You’re not walking that staircase.”

Daniel opened his mouth to protest but thought better of it.  First, he wouldn’t win the ensuing argument and second, he was relieved.  He had been wishing he’d taken the offer of house sitting for Sarah’s sister, Gwen.  It had been a reflex action, thinking that charity was great but she should offer it to someone more cash-strapped.  Now, he had second thoughts.  He wondered if the house was still available.  On the other hand, what if the house had issues?  He should’ve gone by to at least check it out.

Daniel pulled out his phone as he went to the passenger side of Jack’s truck.  He paused then, realizing this too would be a problem.  But on the other side, Jack said, “Hang on, I’ll give a hand up.”

Daniel grimaced.  Not at the help but at the stupid-assed way Jack was offering it.  “Jack?”


“Walk your lazy ass around the truck and give me a boost up.  I’m not unmanly enough to accept help that way.”

Jack gave him a put-upon sigh and walked around.  It was awkward, given that Daniel’s injured leg was his right, and trying to climb up using his left leg would be a pain.  Daniel sighed heavily and said, “Maybe I should just take a cab.”

Jack surveyed the problem and made a face.  “See what you mean.”  He pursed his lips and made a quick decision.  He shut the passenger door and turned to him.  “Give me your keys.  I’ll drive you to my place using your car, then I’ll come back to get my truck.”

Daniel reluctantly gave Jack his keys but held onto them when Jack tried to take them.  “On one condition.  Not one goddamn complaint about how you don’t like the new Camaro.  Not.  One.  Word.”

“I never said I don’t like Camaros,” Jack said, taking the keys and pointing the remote to unlock the car.  Daniel sat down on the passenger seat with both legs out of the car, then eased back and swung both legs in at the same time to keep from bending his right leg.  Any muscle activity was a killer.

They pulled out of the parking space and headed for home.  Both were silent but their thoughts were full.  Finally, at the door to Jack’s house, Daniel voiced the top-most.

“I figure it’s gonna be about six weeks.”

Jack sighed.  “I know.”

They walked in and went to the kitchen.  Daniel sat down at the kitchen table.  “Drink?”

Jack nodded and got them both a Jack ‘n Coke.  They clinked glasses and downed the cocktail.  Then feelings rose to the surface.

Daniel grimaced.  “Shit.”

“Yeah,” Jack said, matching the grimace.  Alcohol plus forced abstinence wasn’t a good idea.  After about a two-minute silence, Jack added, “Gonna be a long six weeks.”

Daniel nodded slowly.  “And that means I should be at home, not here.”

Jack rose and took their empty glasses to the sink.  “You’re right.”

He took Daniel home.  And hated it.


. . . . .


Daniel had felt the need all day long as he waited for the end of the day when Janet would clear him for duty.  And physical activity not tied to PT.


. . .


Daniel didn’t remember the drive to Jack’s.  He was too busy arranging actions in his head.


. . .


Jack didn’t remember the drive home.  He too was too busy arranging actions in his head.


. . .


Daniel saw the black truck in the driveway and his heart sped up while his body began to tingle from a light sheen of sweat.  His body also tightened and swelled in one specific area.

He didn’t bother knocking.  He stepped inside, hung up his jacket, and began to undress on the way to the bedroom.  He heard movement in the bathroom behind the closed door and his left hand itched as he imagined entering the bathroom with one thing in mind.  But he wasn’t going to risk straining any muscles.  Not on a hard floor or against a hard wall.

When he reached the bedroom, his cock was nearly hard and clichéd aphorisms sped through his mind.  Naked, he dropped his clothes on a chair and went to the bedside table.  He fished out the lube and dropped onto the bed, his backside sinking into the soft stuffed quilt and his head into the fluffy pillow.  Flipping open the cap, he squeezed a large dollop of lube gel onto his fingers just as Jack left the bathroom.  His cock was more than ready as he entered the bedroom.  He paused half a step before climbing onto the bed, his gaze focused on Daniel’s hips, then his eyes.

Wordlessly, he knelt over Daniel and took half of the gel from his hand to slicken his own cock.  Maneuvering his hardness between Daniel’s legs, he lay over him and wrapped his arms around his neck while he captured Daniel’s lips with his own.  He let out an involuntary moan as their mouths opened and tongues met with long-suppressed hunger.  Daniel matched the sound as his knees bent and spread wide, hands massaging Jack’s back muscles, rippling under his touch.

Jack couldn’t wait and with an undulating adjustment of his hips, he unerringly angled his cockhead and after a jolt of lust spread through him the moment his flesh touched Daniel’s, he slid inside.  Daniel sucked in a breath with a matching moan and raised his hips so that Jack sank deep into his body.  He couldn’t keep himself from thrusting upward and matched Jack’s rhythm.

The spikey pleasure and need quickened their breaths and Daniel closed his eyes and arched his spine, throwing his head back.  “Fuck me,” he barely whispered.

Jack grabbed his hands and laced their fingers together before pinning them over Daniel’s head.  “Yes,” he breathed, the sound barely registering before he lustily kissed Daniel again.  His hips moved seemingly on their own as he sped up his rhythm.  He kept increasing it thanks to the need in Daniel’s body, encouraging him to go faster.

Another kiss, deep and hungry, began and moans traded with harsh breaths.  The heat and tingling began deep in their groins and spread through the balls and the base of their cocks.  They knew it would be over too soon but didn’t care.  Jack increased the strength of his strokes, amazed at the speed he was reaching.  He broke off the kiss to stare into Daniel’s eyes, the pupils nearly swallowing all of the amazing blue of the irises.

“Say it,” he barely whispered.

“Fuck me,” Daniel automatically responded, his voice harsh and cut off.

“I love you,” Jack breathed.

“I love you back,” Daniel echoed and a small grimace of pleasure ticked over his cheeks.  “Fuck me,” he said, unable to keep quiet.  The pleasure was spiking while his body tightened.  He raised his knees higher and spread ever wider while he lifted his hips.  “Fuck me,” he said again and again.

“So good,” Jack breathed, his own voice straining.  He spread his knees and dropped his hips down so that no space remained between them.  He plunged hard and ever faster.  The pleasure-heat suddenly washed over him and he belted out, “Yes,” at the same time Daniel did.  Their lips touched, tongues tasted, they froze that was as their bodies went rigid with release.  Their orgasms were blinding and stole the breaths from their lungs.  They clung to each other, arms now wrapped around each other to hold each other fast.

Automatic rutting of their hips followed and then stopped while the heat of climax spread out from their centers all the way to their fingertips and toes.  Their breaths were harsh, hearts pounding, and they clung together until the pulses began to slow and afterglow took over.  They rolled onto their sides as sleepiness ensued.


. . .

Waking, Daniel nuzzled Jack’s neck.  He couldn’t decide what to say so he said nothing.  Jack turned his head and met Daniel’s lips with a soft kiss.

‘Dinner?” he asked.

Daniel groaned and tightened his hold on Jack.  “Order it.”

Jack smiled over his lips.  “Deal.”

Daniel could tell there was more to say.  “What?”

“Are you sure round two is advisory?”

Daniel growled and playfully nipped Jack’s bottom lip.  “Try me.”

“All healed then?” Jack teased.

Daniel repeated his growl.  “I don’t care.”

Jack smiled.  “You’re the boss.”

“Don’t worry.  I won’t let it go to—”

Jack kissed his words away, and even though he was hungry and was deciding on who to call, his body had other ideas.  And so did Daniel’s.  Okay then.  Indulge the pleasure first.  “What do you want to eat after this—”

“Oh shut up,” Daniel said as he disentangled himself and slid down Jack’s body to consume something else entirely.

All healed up.  Yes indeed.  Talk later.  Eat . . . food later.  Right now, he literally drooled as he tasted the salty skin of Jack’s flesh and then swallowed him whole.



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