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J/D, Established Relationship, Rated PG
Season 9ish
Summary: Daniel visits Jack’s office in DC for a surprise and gets one in return.


Daniel knocked on Jack’s Homeworld Security office door and waited for the expected response.  At that moment, a woman’s voice said behind him, “He’s on a phone conference, Doctor Jackson.”

Daniel turned to see who it was, hand raised still, expecting Major Rebecca Holding, Jack’s secretary, but found a Captain Williams instead.  “Hi.  Sorry.”  He lowered his hand.  “Where’s Rebecca?”  He followed that with another question without waiting for an answer to the first one.  “You know me?”  But he repeated himself with a third.  “Oh!  Is she on maternity leave?”

Captain Williams’ mouth tweaked up at one corner as she held up fingers for each answer.  “Answers one and three, yes, she’s on maternity leave.  Answer number two, she gave me photos to recognize General O’Neill’s frequent visitors as well members of the chain of command.”  She pointed to the office door.  “He’s been in conference for about half an hour.”  She looked at her watch.  “Which should be wrapping up about … now.”

Jack’s voice came through on the speakerphone on Williams’ desk.  Daniel recognized the tone, making him grin.

“Williams?  Hold all calls until I’m pretty sure I won’t nuke any of them.”

She pressed a button.  “Yes, sir.  Doctor Jackson, however, is here to see you.”

“Is he carrying a bunch of folders?”

Daniel rolled his eyes as his grin grew impish.  Williams’ matched it.

“Not a one, sir.”

“Excellent.  Send him in.”

Daniel winked at her as he turned the doorknob and entered.  He froze for a three-count, taking in Jack.  He’d gotten a deeper tan, which only made him more desirable, the shithead.

Daniel slowly closed the door.  He sifted through his memory for any mention of regs that prohibited hugging your friend, even if he was a member of the chain of command.  He didn’t find any.  Still, he remained motionless.  He hadn’t seen Jack in four months.  They were definitely in reunion territory, which meant everything would be special.

“Hey,” he said and waited for Jack’s ditto response.


“Thank Christ,” Jack said.

Daniel blinked a few times, making Jack’s relieved expression turn into a smirk.  “About?” he asked.

“You finally shaved.”

Daniel’s mouth dropped open and hating that he had the habit of doing it, snapped it shut.  It was another three-count before he said, “You told me you didn’t mind it.  You apparently lied.”

Jack glowered as he rounded his desk while gesturing for Daniel to come to him.  Daniel met him halfway and Jack put his arms around him.  Daniel firmly held his hands over Jack’s back.  That warm, muscular back.  He very carefully kept their hips apart.  He’d intended to break the embrace and take a ‘We’re At Work’ step back but when he separated, Jack cupped his face in both hands and kissed him soundly—albeit without tongue.  Daniel’s brows climbed into his hairline and it was all he could do to keep from grabbing Jack and kissing the daylights out of the man.  “Uh… wow.”

“Fuck it,” Jack said, and restrained himself from rubbing Daniel’s cheek with his own.  “Smooth skin required an immediate response, however brief and semi-platonic.”

Daniel bit the inside of his cheek to keep from telling Jack about the true definition and history of the word platonic.  “Rain check for some deeper reunion contact?”

Jack snorted.  “Rain check?  Rain check assumes an unspecified future event.  I have plans when I leave here in …”  He checked his watch.  “An hour and twelve minutes.”

“Ah,” Daniel said, swallowing as he took a few steps to the side to sit in one of the plush leather chairs in front of Jack’s desk—but he paused, not sitting down.  “Can I sit?”

“You mean, may you sit?  Yes, you may.”

Daniel said under his breath as he sat, “I’m so not going to tell you about platonic.”

“Whazzat?” Jack asked as he retook his seat.

“Nothing,” Daniel said and gave him that smile-that-wasn’t-a-smile.

Jack narrowed his eyes and gave Daniel a come hither with his left hand.  “Out with it.”

“Nope.  Never mind.”

Jack rolled his eyes at the ceiling.  He knew when not to push, just as Daniel did.  “So, not that I’m not happy to see you here, but why didn’t you just call?”

“Yeah, about that,” Daniel drawled, and he withdrew an envelope from his suit jacket’s inside pocket.  “I handed this in before I left for the airport.”

Jack leaned forward and held out his hand.  Daniel obligingly half-rose to give it to him.  As he sat back down, he felt beads of sweat slide down between his pectorals and shoulder blades.  His palms became both damp and tingly as Jack removed a letter from the envelope and unfolded it to read.  As the words processed, Jack’s eyes went from mild alarm to wide shock while his mouth dropped open and stayed that way for ten whole seconds.

After a long study of Daniel’s face, Jack asked, “Why?”

Daniel took in a long breath and let it out.  Twice.  He didn’t want to give Jack the real reason he was quitting because it was unprofessional.  But lying, even a fib, was worse.  “I can’t properly do my job as long as she’s there.  It’s also a massive understatement to state that the SGC will be an unmitigated disaster as long as she stays.  I’m only here because I’m finally free of that attachment device she put on me.”

Jack’s expression slowly turned thoughtful as he leaned back in his chair.  “What you’re not saying is …?”

Keeping his face expressionless, Daniel confessed, “I’ll kill her before she kills me.”  Jack barked out a laugh, but he knew it was sympathetic, not derogatory.

“So you’re going to do what now?  Jack asked.  “You can’t study alien cultures.”  Daniel opened his mouth but Jack held up that forefinger.  “I am not going to authorize your moving to one of our offworld bases.”

Daniel sighed.  “I wasn’t going to ask.  There’s work in Egypt.  Doctor Hawass thinks he’s found the lost Golden City of Luxor.”


“Foremost authority of Egyptology.”

“Ah.”  Jack narrowed his eyes.  “So you’ll be in Egypt twenty-four-seven.  How’s that any different than moving offworld?”

Daniel’s mouth curved upward.  “It won’t take a stargate to see you.”

Jack scowled.  “Right.  But … Egypt?”

“Not for another six months.”

“You already contacted him about joining his team?”

Daniel grimaced, closing his eyes.  “Yeah.”  He opened one of them to gauge Jack’s expression.  The man was going to say something but Daniel held up a hand.  “No, I’m not going to tell him how old the pyramids really are.”  Jack nodded and his expression changed to thoughtful.  Daniel was relieved.  It meant Jack was thinking instead of protesting.

“So …” Jack began, carefully choosing his words.  “What are you going to do for the next six months?”

“Anything.  Everything.  Whatever.”

“Sounds messy.”

“It usually is.”

“Well, that’s clear.”

“I thought you liked messy.”

Jack grinned.  “For some things.”

Daniel glanced at the wall clock and got to his feet.  “Think I’ll start with making dinner.”

Jack pulled out his key chain and removed a key.  “Here.”  He held onto it when Daniel took hold.  “Don’t make a mess.”

Daniel slowly smiled.  “But you like messy.”

“Don’t make a mess in my kitchen,” Jack clarified.

Daniel’s smile grew smoldering.  “Only if I have to.”

Jack matched the look.  “You’re getting a shadow.  Please shave.  I have plans.”  He released the key.

Daniel went to the door, then looked over his shoulder.  “Just my face?”

Jack smiled.  “Save a few places for me.”

Daniel resisted the urge to adjust himself as he left.



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