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Mansion of mystery


These are map assets created by mapping artist David Hemenway.  Bought them over at  He’s the same artist who designed the Forest Campsite map assets I used for the Random Mission story “Into the Woods.”

I found this Mansion set captivating, imagining my boys (Jack, Daniel, and Jason) and their teammates coming across this mansion on one of their Asset Recon missions the Pentagon requires of them.

Here are the Floors, the basement, and the roof.  The map assets also came with 3 other sets: Unfurnished, Mystery (which looks only like an autumn version of the regular one), and Night.  The Mystery & Night versions have additional basement rooms.  Seems there’s either a Goa’uld scientist working here or a sick puppy doing experiments. (those rooms are not in the set show below)  It’ll be fun to furnish the Unfurnished one, though I’ll need more assets from David to complete them.

So imagine the boys coming across this place in two scenarios:  An abandoned furnished mansion, and an abandoned unfurnished one, where the wind has blown leaves into the house through various broken windows.

(clicking on images will give you the full size — no lightbox shrunken version.)

First Floor


Second Floor


Third Floor






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