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Summary:  A few years after his wife’s death, Daniel lets go of his sexual abstinence and joins his friends on a voyage of sexual re-discovery.

Category:  Drama, Smut, Alternate Reality

Pairings:  Daniel/Jack, Daniel/Jason, Jack/Jason, Daniel/OC, with other original characters mixed in.

Rating:  Explicit.  This ten-part series is primarily from Daniel Jackson’s point of view (in third person), with occasional points of view from others.  The series contains adult situations which include but are not limited to graphic sex and language.  Sexual situations will, at times, involve the usual suspects.  From twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes, to kinks like toys, plain bondage, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and full BDSM.  Sex, in other words, is always chocolate.

Thanks:  To betas Catspaw and Tejas for all their laborious energy in putting up with my OCD need to revise old crap.  They helped me make this better. While I’m no longer in contact with them, they’re the best for grinding out better fiction so if you talk to them, let them know they’re appreciated.

NOTE 1: This is an OLD series, first written in 2005, then rewritten in 2014.  It hasn’t been online for a few years because I took it down for an edit and forgot about it.

NOTE 2: This series is basically a PWP: Porn With Plot. It is Not exclusively J/D until the very end.

The series on Archive of Our Own.

Chapters —

Prologue:  Dreaming the Life Pornographic

One:  Jack in Technicolor Fantasy

Two:  New Things, Old Feelings

Three:  Overwhelming the Senses

Four:  In the Life Indulgent

Five:  Complications of Lust and Love

Six:  Journey into the Unknown

Seven:  Catching the Tiger’s Tail

Eight:  Strangers in the Dark

Nine:  Jumping Off Cliffs

Ten:  Making Choices


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  • I have read other stories you have written that is on AO3. When I started reading the Trinity Universe series on AO3, I read, (I think it was either do to one of your notations, or on someone’s comet), that you had edited and revamped this series. I found that series, plus this “Lust” series, (as well as several others…oh goody), on your Joy’s Fiction site. So I started reading the “Trinity” series over on this site. I haven’t finished yet, but I briefly took a look at your other series and thought I would go ahead and bookmark it before continuing to finish the previous series. I had already saved my name and email, to this browser, but didn’t realize that I could sign up to be notified if you post a new fic. So I am doing that now. 1 quick question though. Have you completed any fic’s on the “PYRAMID” series? Can you let me know if you have, or at least do you really plan on completing it? Thanks so much! Charlene

    • Hi hon. I haven’t started the 4th series of the Trinity Universe, Pyramid. I plan to, I just don’t know when. All up to the muse’s whims, I think. Thanks for signing up! It’s truly appreciated, as is the feedback!

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