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Introducing The Trinity Universe


Introducing a trio of series dubbed The Trinity Universe.  It’s about a polyamorous relationship involving Daniel Jackson, Jack O’Neill, and Daniel’s best friend, Jason Coburn (leader of SG-2).

The story starts with Visits (7 chapters), moves into Trinity (30 chapters), and continues in Trilogy (14 chapters).

Jason was created from the temporary character “Major Coburn/Sergeant Coburn” who appeared in season 3’s “Maternal Instinct” and season 4’s “The First Ones.”  He’s listed in the ending credits as “Major Coburn”, but both Jack and Teal’c refer to him as Sergeant.  I made Jason an officer.

This series begins a few days after season 5’s “Last Stand”.  Daniel’s having nightmares about Ba’al and his creepy Loh’tar.  He’s also suffering from melancholic depression, caused by environmental factors.  Namely:  his estranged friendship from Jack.  At the end of season 3, they were friends.  At the beginning of season 4, where TPTB changed producers, directors, and writers, they weren’t.  “Visits” was my reaction, and it departs from canon after season 5’s “Last Stand” and becomes an Alternate Universe (AU).  All episodes after that no longer exist and everything becomes its own divergent universe (hence The Trinity Universe).

In Visits, Daniel’s best friend, Jason Coburn, decides to do something about his friend’s depression, distracting him in SG-1’s shower room.  For the next few days, they explore each other and Daniel learns that Jason’s been in love with him for a few years (since “Maternal Instinct”).  The few days’ worth of intimacy lifts Daniel’s mood.  What turns it, as a version of retribution, is when Jack sees Daniel and Jason at a Mexican restaurant, and discovers that they’re seeing each other.  It pulls Jack’s head out of his ass and makes him realize that his treatment of Daniel was a homophobic rejection of his own feelings.

By chapter 7, the last in Visits, Daniel accepts Jack, but tells him he’s not leaving Jason.  If he’s interested, Daniel would have him in a polyamorous relationship.  By the end of the chapter, Jack accepts.  Trinity begins with Jason and Jack trying to figure out how this poly relationship would work–and whether or not they could love one another, not just Daniel.

Further into the series, it becomes clear that the poly relationship is open for occasional additional lovers, but that Daniel/Jack/Jason would never be split up.



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