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Series Summary:  Intervals is the post-episodic dramas and sexual liaisons of Daniel and Jack, starting with Broca Divide and ending with the Series’ Finale, Unending. Most are rated NC-17 for graphic sex and language.

1.  Intervals was originally written in 2003, and I wrote the chapters as they aired after 2003 (aka, 7th season).  Given my learning curve, please forgive the grammar and writing errors in this series compared to my later stories.
2.  I’ve used SG-1 canon in this series, and the chapters reflect what’s happened after a specific episode.  Not all episodes have chapters. Some episodes I’d love to have forgotten about, but since I dedicated this series to canon, I wrote myself into a corner.  Some episodes just defy explanation.  But I’ve done my best.

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I don’t remember why I skipped important episodes, but the most logical reason is that I didn’t get a plot bunny for them.  Or that there was nothing to say.  I’ve since changed my mind.  The series, “Intervals Betwixt” covers episodes I skipped over, but they’re one-off stories and don’t follow the J/D storyline of “Intervals.”  See the menu for those episodes.

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