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This is the page for some of the fiction maps used in stories, and some that were used as story ideas.  Most of the maps were made on  Some of these can also be found on other pages in the MAPS menu.

For the story “Cave of Riches” (made on and in Photoshop)


Revised Dragon Temple map for Pyramid 1 (made on


Dragon Temple Cave (made on


Village of the Elofal & The Dragon Temple (made on


Just a rough idea of what Harry’s new-old lab might look like. (The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher) Made in Photoshop using mapping images gathered and bought. (assembled in Photoshop)


SG-1 Gates to the Wrong Planet. (premade) (assembled in Photoshop)


For a story to be written. SG-1 falls into a trap.  This is a pre-made Mapping asset I bought, then added individual items like fire, furniture, traps, prison cells, prison box, stairs, ladders, lights, etc. (assembled in Photoshop)


Random Mission 4: Desert Ruins (premade with item additions like the pyramid and camp) (assembled in Photoshop)


Random Mission 4: Desert Ruins, encampment Close-Up. (assembled in Photoshop)


Jack/Daniel/Jason’s House, The Trinity Universe, set in Trilogy series. (Made on


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