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New fic: Re-Awakening


RE-AWAKENING AO3 Link Sequel to AwakeningEpisode Tag: Meridian, Abyss, Fallen, HomecomingJ/D, Mature/Explicit13,600 wordsMulti-POV: Daniel, Jack, and NarratorSummary: Daniel’s and Jack’s relationship had ended after Sha’re’s death because Daniel backed out. Jack responded with anger, then guilt after Daniel died. Now that he’s back, Jack’s looking to get back...

Newish Fic


I didn’t realize that “A Journal Entry” wasn’t on AO3.  So without further ado: A Journal Entry Mature | Jack/Daniel | Daniel 1st person POV | Post-Series Summary: Daniel’s jotting down some thoughts in his journal about the definition of epiphany and why it came about. Author Note: This 1st person POV is unusual for me.  I don’t read them, not in fanfic.  The...

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