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New flash Fic: Leather and Lace


Leather and Lace A flash fic story that introduces Jason Coburn, the OC for the multi-series Visits/Trinity/Trilogy (aka, The Trinity Universe) to readers who’re otherwise leary about anything that isn’t strictly J/D. If you’re waiting for more MICROS stories, they’re being written.  I just had to stop and write this bunny or it would plague me till I did.  Came from...

New Fic: Awakening


Awakening (here)
AO3 Link
J/D, Explicit
After the events of “The Serpent’s Lair,” Daniel realizes how he feels about Jack.

Newish Fic


I didn’t realize that “A Journal Entry” wasn’t on AO3.  So without further ado: A Journal Entry Mature | Jack/Daniel | Daniel 1st person POV | Post-Series Summary: Daniel’s jotting down some thoughts in his journal about the definition of epiphany and why it came about. Author Note: This 1st person POV is unusual for me.  I don’t read them, not in fanfic.  The...

Introducing The Trinity Universe


Introducing a trio of series dubbed The Trinity Universe.  It’s about a polyamorous relationship involving Daniel Jackson, Jack O’Neill, and Daniel’s best friend, Jason Coburn (leader of SG-2). The story starts with Visits (7 chapters), moves into Trinity (30 chapters), and continues in Trilogy (14 chapters). Jason was created from the temporary character “Major...

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