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  1.  This series was meant to Fill-In for the episodes I skipped over in the series, Intervals.
  2.  Instead, I’ve started over with a new version of Intervals because they don’t conform with the series’ plot (between Jack and Daniel and the history they make throughout the series, and the series’ base, Stargate SG-1, BUT they conform with the first chapter of Intervals, which is when Jack and Daniel get together post-Broca Divide.
  3.  These chapters are standalones, disconnected from the chapters before and after.  If chapters are connected, they’ll be done in one chapter.
  4.  Because this isn’t Intervals, I am not sticking to canon and including episodes from seasons 9 and 10.  They don’t exist.  I can think up better plot lines than that garbage.


Betwixt 1:  Hammer & Nail (post-Thor’s Hammer)

Betwixt 2:  The Torment of Jackson (post-Torment of Tantalus) (on AO3, this is chapter 3 because that’s when it was released, out of order)

Betwixt 3:  Dear Jack (post-Lost City)

Betwixt 4:  The Play’s the Thing (post-Solitudes)

Betwixt 5:  Jack Rising (post-Rising (SGA


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