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About the Trinity Universe

  1.  Trinity (et al) was begun in 2002. Over time, as I became more entrenched in the series, and thus more attached and familiar with the original characters, I went through Visits in 2008 for a re-edit. In rewriting Visits, some of the continuity in Trinity changed, particularly the first five chapters, so I edited I and II, then later rewrote III-IV and V in 2018. Unfortunately, the writing shows some changes because of time passage and supposed learning.
    I’ve decided to leave the plan to rewrite the entire series (for continuity of Visits’ rewrite) alone, the same chapters as the chapters on AO3. It’s solely due to my interest in doing it. Going over old ground just doesn’t make sense to me. If I want to change things, I’ll just start a whole new series. Sort of an AU of an AU. Nah.
  2. In my head, the original characters look like specific people, with slight alterations. Jason is Major Coburn played by Steve Bacic. But Jason is an inch taller and has a slightly narrower jawline. His is the only cemented portrait (apart from the main characters of the SG-1 series). For that reason, this website no longer has visual aids (sliders or headers). It’s better for the reader to have their own view of original characters.
  3. Trinity Chapter numbers have changed from their Latin numerals to the standard English numerals.
  4. Some titles have changed.
  5. Old 5-part Chapter XXX has been deleted (its old copy is still on AO3). Trinity ends with Trinity 30-32, “Veil.” The old chapter was nothing but sex and kink (and Jason had sex with Alex) and there was no redeeming value in it. To me, it read like a teen wrote it.
  6. Trilogy has been renumbered and will end with chapter 20.


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writer, artist, veteran, and progressive pain in the asset.

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writer, artist, veteran, and progressive pain in the asset.

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