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Slash = Gay.  There are explicit sex scenes in some of the fiction.  You have been notified. 🙂

New Fic

For the Facebook group, “Spacemonkey” (The Unofficial Jack and Daniel Appreciation Society) Crystal Skull ficathon. Out of Sync AO3 Link J/D, Mature Summary: Daniel’s dealing with his own muon radiation effects, Jack’s acting out of character, and there’s something on both their minds.

New Fic: Awakening

Awakening (here) AO3 Link J/D, Explicit After the events of “The Serpent’s Lair,” Daniel realizes how he feels about Jack.

Site Menu Fixed

Visitors won’t have issues.  It won’t bring back the ones who got disgusted with the mobile menu FUBAR, but them’s the breaks. However, please tell others that they won’t have anymore issues.  IF they do, Please Tell Me.

Newish Fic

I didn’t realize that “A Journal Entry” wasn’t on AO3.  So without further ado: A Journal Entry Mature | Jack/Daniel | Daniel 1st person POV | Post-Series Summary: Daniel’s jotting down some thoughts in his journal about the definition of epiphany and why it came about. Author Note: This 1st person POV is unusual for …

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About Trinity Universe

Copied from the Trinity Universe Index page. About the Trinity Universe  Trinity (et al) was begun in 2002. Over time, as I became more entrenched in the series, and thus more attached and familiar with the original characters, I went through Visits in 2008 for a re-edit. In rewriting Visits, some of the continuity in …

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Introducing The Trinity Universe

Introducing a trio of series dubbed The Trinity Universe.  It’s about a polyamorous relationship involving Daniel Jackson, Jack O’Neill, and Daniel’s best friend, Jason Coburn (leader of SG-2). The story starts with Visits (7 chapters), moves into Trinity (30 chapters), and continues in Trilogy (14 chapters). Jason was created from the temporary character “Major Coburn/Sergeant …

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Posting Intervals

Introducing Intervals.  It’s a Jack/Daniel Relationship series based on the canon episodes, starting with the fourth episode, “Broca Divide.” While the chapters are AU, they’re based on canon.  Sometimes an episode is so badly written by The Powers That Be (TPTB) that it was a miracle trying to cover it.  In some cases, I was …

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